Monday, September 29, 2008

5 year anniversaries, work changes, brand new babies, and a whole new brother...

Well, the important thing is that Blondie and I hit our 5 year anniversary (non legal anniversary) on Saturday! We went through a lot to get where we are today, and I reflect everyday on how lucky I am that Blondie stuck it out with me. I love my Blondie, and my life without him in it wouldn't be nearly as fulfilling (or fun for that matter).


We spent the day doing things that only Blondie and I would love - we went to 1 of our favorite restaurants and sat in the sun for lunch - we enjoyed heavy meals and some sangria, before walking over to our favorite bar and settling in for an afternoon of MLB and college football! After that, it was SUSHI time for dinner, and then (literally) a 6:30 pm bedtime. All in all, a day you cannot beat.

Work changes = some things have gone down at work, and I've received a job offer within the company but reporting up a different chain. I think this new position will look really nice on my resume, and it will give me a lot more technical experience in terms of scripting, version control conversion, etc. I had to tell my management chain today about it, and it didn't go as well as I hoped (i.e. they said they won't fight the move, but that they also won't sign anything letting me go right now). But I do need a change, and I think this will work out in the end.

Brand new baby = it's official! The Most Bad-Ass Mississippi Queen is now a MILF! Congrats to the fabulous WC and her new girl Baby Acey.

Whole new brother = I'm so proud of my brother!!! He does amazing things. He has dropped 60 lbs in the past 90 days! Go Mr Pooh! Check out the Pooh's blog (link on the page) to hear the whole story!


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