Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This past week saw a visit from Blondie's brother, MG. MG flew in for a wedding, but was able to take some time off from school to hang with Blondie for a few days before and after the wedding. It was great getting to spend time with MG, and I *KNOW* Blondie had fun with the non-stop game playing that went on.

I've been working for 4 hours now - the last remnants of my old job. I have to train people from my old team on how to do this particular aspect of my old job, and let me say, it's not going well. This is because of course I JINXED it by telling everyone "oh this should be fast and easy". And it's neither been fast nor easy. Woot! And I'm going to guess after all this that we will have to fall back and do it all over again another day.

We have a lot of plans for the upcoming weeks: 5K, Superbowl (Go Steelers!), Reno for a night and then Tahoe for 2 days for skiing, helping a friend move to Berkeley (I'm going to miss me some PC!), Valentine's Day, and of course KY to visit TCKITW and TCKITW v4.0 and my fam.

Also, randomly, a reason I love Blondie so much is that we both find the stupidest things in the world amusing. Last night it was the word "balls". We were watching coverage of the inaugaration balls, and anytime an announcer would say balls, we would just die laughing. We. Are. So. Mature!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Fish... and your butt...

So, okay. Universe, I was totally kidding about the whole "Bring it on" thing in my NY resolution post. You've had your fun.

Blondie and I have not had the best start to the year - Blondie's catalytic converter was stolen off his truck, and I came down with "the sick" again. We've spent the last week holed up in our apartment, cursing the way the year has started.

I rejoined WW this past week, and getting back on track has been horrid. Especially when I've been sicker than a dog, and all I want to do is EAT. But I survived the first few days (always the hardest). I managed to get a run in the day the sick started again, and am feeling okay enough to do a minor workout tomorrow.

Blondie and I also signed up for Kaiser 5K on Superbowl Sunday. Party C will be running the Kaiser half the same day, so we will do our run, and then cheer her on.

We also have Tahoe plans the weekend after Superbowl. We are going to head up to Reno on that Thurs, and spend the night, before heading to our Tahoe house on Friday. I might try ski lessons this time, and Blondie has plans to snowboard again.

And of course, KY, to visit TCKITW v4.0!!!!

Hope everyone else's year has started off better than ours.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


Congrats to the Pooh Family on their newest addition! Can't wait to meet you sweetie!!!