Wednesday, August 29, 2007

All about presents, coffee, train trips, Nyquil intervention, and vom'ing a little into your mouth (yum yum)...

My present to myself got to SF yesterday! It's all charged up and ready to go. I can't wait to bust it out! I wanted so bad to run today, so I could use my new watch, but forced myself to go to Bikram. I'm on a nice schedule of Bikram on Tues, Wed, Fri, and Sun; running on Mon, Thurs, Sat; and the gym in the afternoon on Fri after Bikram. As much as I wanted to test my watch out, I consider the anticipation worth it and am probably going to haul some ass around the panhandle tomorrow morning!

I went with my friend from the office for a coffee break yesterday afternoon. Whenever we go on coffee breaks, we end up gone for at least 1.5 hours. I don't know how it happens. We will be sitting in Coffee Bean (yay! Coffee Bean!) and all of a sudden, one of use will be like "OMG! Look how late it is!". I haven't been drinking caffeine (the coffee yesterday was my 3rd caffeinated drink in 6 weeks), and it hit me HARD.

I ran into Bbbb waiting for his train yesterday evening, and was so wound up I could hardly stop moving. I think my feet were constantly in motion or my hands, or to be honest, my mouth. I don't think I shut up the entire time we waited on the train, and rode the train. I like to ride Bbbb's MUNI line, b/c it dumps me off right at my bus stop - no walking up from the station and across streets to get to it.

Anyhoo, I got off the train, to see my bus at the stop sign one block up from where I pick it up. I knew that it would be 20 mins or so before the next train came through, and I was too wired to sit still for long, so I hiked the hellllll hilllllll home. Ugh. But, it was so much easier than 6 weeks ago - I felt like I basically ran up that hill (although I didn't).

Blondie is starting to feel better, but is now going to have to wean himself off the Nyquil. I think I'll stage an intervention tonight, and dump his Nyquil down the toilet. That way, I can drag him on my run tomorrow morning. Poor Blondie!

And finally - I went to Bikram today, and I didn't feel too good - I was just REALLY hungry. My stomach started doing slow rolls about 20 minutes into class today, and I ended up vom'ing up some of my water back into my mouth. At least my stomach was completely empty so there were no food particles involved in this. But still, hot water that had been in your stomach, coming back up into your mouth - disgusting.

And hey guess what? After that disgusting story, it's almost LUNCHTIME!


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Misc things coming your way...

First things first: Good news! Brother R and Shugs are finally coming out to SF for a visit! Brother R's company needs him out here for a few days in early Sept, and Shugs is coming along for a visit too! They will be here the same weekend as the Blondie-Clan. It is going to be a BLAST!

It's been a fun few days y'all! (Hitting the TX roots again there). Here's what has been going on.

It started out great! I hit my Bikram again, and got home to the message from Brother R letting me know he was coming out for a visit! I went into work in a great mood, only to have it slapped away - the day blew. I won't go into details, but when I got off work, I went to meet Blondie at the gym. In a bad mood already, I go in, hand my gym card to the front desk girl, only to have her tell me my membership was terminated.

After I went OFF on this poor kid (maybe 18?), she got the manager - I repeated my rants: been a member for 7 years, it's on auto-pay so I KNOW I'm paid up, just want to work out, wah wah way. The manager did a little research, and oops (shamed face). Yours Truly lost her debit card in March and had to cancel it and get a new one. The same debit card that had been paying my gym for 7 years. The gym that Yours Truly never once thought to call and update info. The gym that Yours Truly has (obviously) not been to since March. Tee hee!

After that fiasco, they got me re-setup, and I was on my way to an awesome work out!!!

That night, Blondie and Yours Truly met up with the gang at the bar. All of us were out - Porn King, Girlfriend J, Party C, WonderButt, and the Sisters C. We had a blast. Yours truly crashed around 11 pm, but Blondie strolled (stumbled, crawled) in around 2:30 am.

I went for an awesome run on Saturday morning with Blondie (Bikram has not only improved my mood, it has improved everything about my body - including cardio strength). Then we had a date day, which involved a beer and some lunch downtown, followed by the movie "SuperBad" and book shopping. We ended our night with a giant salad and small pizza, and just enjoyed each other's company.

I went to Bikram without Blondie. He has come down with a nasty summer cold/allergies and is feeling horrible. Afterwards, we met up with Shelby Shelbs and Bbbb for the Giants vs. Brewers game! Blondie was rooting for his beloved Brewers, but par for the course with us and the Giants, the Giants won.

MONDAY: I went for another awesome run on Monday and made the command decision that I will indeed be attempting my half-marathon in October. I had contemplated selling my bib, but I'm now confident that I will at least be able to finish this thing. I might be *extremely* slow, but I don't care - I just want to say I did it.

Also on Monday, the president of my company invited a few of us out for drinks/dinner on him next week to thank us for a job well done on an earlier release. It makes me feel good - I had a hard time when I started my job, but I feel like I'm finally settling in.

And that's the news. Here's hoping Blondie feels better soon!!!!


Thursday, August 23, 2007

A present for Yours Truly...

Blondie owns a Garmin watch - it's a watch, with builtin GPS, that tracks mileage and time. When we went running on Monday, Blondie wore it. I was able to guesstimate my time based on when he finished (he did 4.5 miles in about 30 seconds more than it took me to do 3 miles :), but normally I don't wear one, and haven't cared that much about it.

The reason why is this:

You can punch in your zip code, narrow down the map, and put in your own running routes that tell you how far you are going (complete with mile markers!)

Today, Blondie is sick. He has a bad sore throat, so he doped himself up this morning and wasn't able to run with me. He let me borrow his watch. I LOVED IT! It was really motivating to look at the watch, and instead of stopping, pushing myself for that next .1 miles or .05 miles or heck, 5 seconds. I still do love my site above, and think it's a better invention than the Double Decker Taco (my fav thing evah!), but the watch rocked.

So of course, I had to have one. Yay! Watch is on it's way!

In other news, my HH last night was a lot of fun! I feel like I really got to talk to people I don't normally get to see, and even ended up riding my train home with the new manager over development!

In other other news, Shugs (aka Carmy Carms - she needed a shorter nickname) has done an amazing color on her hair and is now a reddish brunette! I LOVE IT! It's making me seriously think about chopping off this mop and getting a color other than "blah" put on it!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trying to be grateful...

I'm having a slow day (and I'm probably just about to jinx myself). And by slow day, I don't mean it as "Boy, Yours Truly is sure moving slow. I sent her email 3 hours ago and she hasn't responded". I mean it as "Boy, can someone send me email so I can do something?" (But not really).

We had a massive upgrade to one our systems at work happen last week, and then it was someone's 2 week vacation this week and next, which left me to handle all questions that arose after the upgrade (this is something I've worked on previously, but never in the capacity or manner needed for these types of questions). I spent Monday and Tuesday with my stomach in knots, but have managed to answer most questions thus far. I did have to call the person on vacation for clarification on something, but other than that, I've handled okay.

My stomach feels much better today thankfully.

So, tonight, if everything stays quiet, I'm going to actually go out with my coworkers for a happy hour! I'm a little nervous because I've not spent time with this group socially (i.e. outside the office), but am looking forward to fitting in a little better here.

Not much else is going on. Blondie and I continued with Bikram yesterday and today, but will be taking tomorrow off to sleep in an extra hour (going to be needed after a few drinks tonight) and run. I'm excited about Labor Day weekend coming up, although it ends Friday hours here (half day Fridays every week which you don't have to make up time on).

In exciting news, I have some travel plans finally! I have tickets in my possession to take me and Blondie back to the Land o' Tobbaco, Whiskey, and Horse Farms to see my baby Bro, Mr Pooh, get his 4.0 MBA degree! He graduated in June, but his graduation ceremony isn't until October (who thought this up???)

And Blondie and I will be making the trek north (hopefully) for Thanksgiving to Spokane to see my aunt and uncle - they will be moving out over Labor Day weekend. It will be good to spend Thanksgiving with family again. Blondie is also thinking about a trek back to the Land o' Cheese for the weekend before Thanksgiving to get in some fam-time also.

And I've swallowed (no jokes please) about 4 liters of water already today (Bikram, you kill me. In a good way), so the bladder is at the breaking point. Which makes it time to end this insanely boring, rambling post.


P.S. A shout out (AGAIN) to the Mississippi Queen - who not only rehabbed her knee in about 2 weeks time, but also started physical activity in her first week of PT! GO WC!

Monday, August 20, 2007


Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
You like like a monkey...
and you smell like one too!

HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY MR POOH!!!! I hope you, Mrs. Pooh and the Cutest Kid in the World have a great time celebrating your day!

I will be there in October to celebrate!


--K and S
Still being boring...

Blondie and I had a really nice weekend. It was semi-low key, semi-not low key which is exactly what we needed.

I got stuck working until almost midnight on Friday night. It really really sucked. But, we managed to convince the fabulous Shelby Shelbs and Mr Bbbb to join us for some sitting in front of the TV, playing Wii, while periodically checking in on what I was working on. Friday night also introduced us to the best video ever: "These shoes suck!" Go to YouTube, and search for "Kelly loves shoes". You won't regret it.

Saturday morning, Blondie and I hit some Bikram and then had a picnic in the dog park afterwards. We split a Say Cheese sandwich (super yummy goodness) and a Say Cheese 7-layer bar (super super yummy goodness). Afterwards, we did a few errands, and then headed home to konk out for a bit. Saturday night saw our first Texas visitors!!!! A friend of Shaun's drove across country with his wife, his sister and his sister's boyfriend. They stayed with us on Saturday night, and we hit the bar. Or rather, they hit the bar (including Blondie). Yours truly had 1 beer, and declared herself DONE.

On Sunday, I hit my goal - 30 Bikram classes in 30 days. It felt SO GOOD!!!! I honestly feel like I accomplished something big. I met up with Shaun and his Texas friends for some brunch, and then they went to do the "touristy thing" (as we like to call it). Blondie showed back up around 7:30 pm, and we kind of lazed in front of the couch watching bad TV, until 8:45 pm, and then we went to bed.

I reached my Bikram goal, so I'm going to cut back down to 4 classes a week. Today, being my first day off, I slept in until 7 am, and then went for a 3 mile run (run/walk but mostly walking to be honest) around the panhandle. Blondie came and did 4.5 miles with me! It felt really good not exercising inside - and my body (while still bad at running) did not revolt like it used to do. It just kind of ran when it could, walked when it couldn't run anymore, and didn't get pissed at itself like previous.

My last thoughts on Bikram, and what has changed for me since starting.
30 classes - 30 days; 4 days of watching what I ate before I started Bikram (34 days total):
1) 19 lbs gone (not a joke).
2) The dry skin that I had around my nose is completely gone.
3) My scalp has NO trace of dry skin anymore.
4) The tiny bumps I had on the back of my arms and legs are gone.
5) My fingernails have sprouted and NOT split (I can't tell you the last time this has happened). As a matter of fact, it's hard to take out my contacts b/c of how long and strong they are right now.
6) My twitchy back is gone. Not a sign of pain in the last 2 weeks.
7) My neck problems are gone. Not a sign of pain in the last 3 weeks.
8) I regularly sleep through the night, all the way through.
9) My "despised old job" buddies will get a kick out of this - someone stopped me at work last Thurs and told me I was a "peaceful soul" and it was refreshing to have that at work.
10) And on a silly note - I fell down the steps in the apartment complex on Friday morning and landed flat on my back. I have a giant bruise - but, I was able to go about my business, without serious pain. I know if this had happened prior to Bikram, I would've been flat out for several days.

Loving life today.


Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I've been feeling it a lot lately (I think yoga has become my spiritual replacement to church - how cheesy does that sound?). It's been hitting me more and more in the last few weeks - I'll be sitting somewhere and I'll suddenly realize I've got no place in the world I'd rather be. It happened when I was home by myself last Friday night, it happened Sunday at the bar with Party C, it happened at dinner with Blondie on Monday...

It was made even more so by my free day yesterday - my facial and pedi with Party C were awesome, I went book shopping on Haight Street, met Blondie for a healthy and tasty dinner (followed by a not so healthy and really tasty dessert)...

I rolled into work today feeling pretty darn good. I'm only 4 days away from hitting my 30 times in 30 day goal for Bikram that I set for myself. It's already Wednesday.

Then my sister sent email. About last year's trip to Maui. And her and me and Brother R were off and remembering fun things that happened there. And then the pics started rolling in. And suddenly.... contentment be GONE! I WANT TO BE IN MAUI!

Picture - Brother R and Carmy Carms in Harley helmets (they had rented a bike for the day); mom, sis, Blondie and yours truly en route to Maui aquarium to hang with the sea turtles; Pacific Ocean in the background:

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blondie's Back!!!!

Yay! Blondie returned home from the land o' cheese yesterday morning!!! Yours Truly had missed him and was sooo glad to see him yesterday! Not only did Blondie get up ridiculously early in the land o' cheese timeframe to make his flight, he still decided to meet up with me for lunch so we could see each other! I had gotten permission from my boss also to work from home after, so we took a relaxing lunch for sandwiches and salads, and then made our way home.

Our lunch was extremely small (small, small, small), so we got hungry early. Both of us wanted seafood last night. Majorly. So we decided to walk down to our fav seafood place in the Castro district - Anchor Oyster House. All the way down the hill we talked about what we were going to eat (remember last time - the dungenes crab? how good it was? Oh, how about the clam chowder??? The cedar plank salmon???), only to get to the restaurant to find it closed until the end of the month. I guess they shut down for vacation every year.

We were standing there bummed out, thinking maybe we'd walk down a few blocks to another seafood restaurant, and then a woman passing by gave us a tip. We ended up right on Market Street at a place called The Catch, right in the front (open-air patio), eating incredible lobster risotto and scallops.

After our dinner, we hit my favorite shoe store in the 'stro for SHOE SHOPPING!!!! De la Sole - we LOVE you! $400 lighter, 2 pairs of shoes each heavier, we headed home.

This morning, Blondie rejoined the Bikram class (first time in almost 2 weeks). He did incredible! He's looking a little sleepy right now, but it's so cute.

I have the day off because my work had an offsite fun day which I chose to skip. I have big plans in my future today - a facial this afternoon, pedis with Party C this evening, and dinner with Blondie to cap off my night!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Hope Sis and Brother R managed to celebrate their birthdays in style! Mr Pooh's big birthday is coming up in 6 days (the big 3-0), so that's something to look forward to. And I understand Dan in Fondy just celebrated a birthday yesterday too (so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!)


Saturday, August 11, 2007

It's someone else's birthday...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS! Hope you have a fantastic day playing with the Cutest Kid In The World and then working!!! Hopefully you'll have some cheeps tonight!



Friday, August 10, 2007

Embarrassing myself...

It's Friday night. It's 8:30 pm. I'm in a FANTASTIC city with a ton of shit to do. And here I sit, watching crap TV, and blogging. And honestly, thinking about how soon I can go to bed.

So, I had some good news for myself earlier today, but didn't have time to type it out (give it up for work). The good news is that the Queen of the Yoga Instructors told me today after class "great class today!"

The thing about the Queen of the Yoga Instructors is that she is evil. In a good way. She just pushes me harder than I've ever pushed myself in my life. I normally have to sit down about 4 times in her class because I'm so out of breath I feel like I'm going to pass out. But today, something just clicked. I stood the entire time, attempted every single posture (even those that I loathe - Standing Head to Knee Pose - I'm looking at you), and got into positions I didn't think I could bend into. All because she was there heckling me.

She loves me. I love her. In a weird "I'm sweaty, you're sweaty, get your ass going" sort of way.

And then after the torture, there was "great class today!" It made every minute, all 90 of them, worth it.

21 days down. Loving life. At peace for once. Calm. Content.

I should've done this in Texas.


P.S. Still missing Blondie.
It's someone's birthday....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER R!!!! We wish we could be there (or rather, you could be here) to celebrate!!!! Hope you have a fantastic day!

Remember, last year at this time, we were counting down days to Hawaii. This year, at this time, we're working.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Poor Mississippi Queen...

WC blew out her knee this past weekend, but she did it while competing in her 2nd triathalon in a month (!!!! - for the triathalon, not the knee). Luckily it's not a tear, but she is off physical activity for 2 weeks, and then has to start back slowly.

Our thoughts are with you WC! Here's hoping that knee heals QUICKLY!

And CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd triathalon!

Missing Blondie...

Who is going listen to me bawl my head off tonight about how bad work sucks? :) The cats are horrid at giving advice (apparently licking your own genitalia is their answer to everything), so they are out.

Come home soon.

Mom's Spanish Rice rocks the hizzow! I'm spending a week-and-a-half up north with my family and it's great! The homemade food is excellent and it's definitely warmer than being in SF right now. I've also had my favorite dessert: poppy seed tort. YUM! I got in last Thursday and stayed at Nate's place (it's too confusing just using initials all the time so I'm using real names from now on). He's one of the bro's that will soon produce a new nephew or niece. We stayed up and had a few beers on the night I got in. I flew Midwest Express and if you haven't flown them lately they are not as good as they used to be. For one thing they got rid of the huge comfy seats that they used to have. They are delayed just as much as everyone else now as well. I overheard one of the flight attendants talking about how the whole company is just in "get bought out mode" so they are cutting everything back and pretty much just coasting by. Oh well, it seams all airlines are like that now. Anyway, it was a good Thursday night when I finally got in. Lots of beer makes a delay ok!

Friday night was a blast! A bunch of the family came over to Nate's place and we played cards: sheepshead. If any of you haven't played that card game before, it's kind of like Yuker, but on severe steroids. I personally think when this card game was made up by some really drunk German and it went something like this:

(half-way through hand)
"Didn't I mention that aside from all diamonds being trump, all Jacks are trump too, and are higher than those Diamonds? (drink) Well, here is my Jack of clubs and it's a higher trump than that ace of diamonds. (drink) Oh you have a Jack of hearts? No that's a lower Jack, my Jack is higher. I still win this hand. (drink)"

(next hand)
"It looks like I have the 10 of spades which beats your 9 of spades. What do you got? (drink) Oh, you have the Ace of Spades, damn, you're leading this one. Oh you have the Jack of Diamonds? (drink) You're on my team. A Jack of Diamonds means you're my partner. Yeah, we're winning this hand, those guys are losing. (drink).

(next hand)
"You have a King of spades, huh? My 10 of Spades beats that King. (drink) Oh, I forgot to mention that too, huh? Well, the 10 beats the King and the King beats the 9 which then beats the 8 and that beats the 7. (drink) Oh, yeah, the Ace still beats the 10 though. Yeah, that other hand we played, my Ace still beat your 10, so it's still following the rules on that last one there. (drink)"

(end of round)
" (drink) Ok, lets total all these cards up. No, it's not who won the most tricks, it's who has the most points from the tricks they won at the end of the round. (drink) So let's see, I have some ace's and 10's here. Yeah, those are worth 11 and 10 points respectively. What's all those Queen's worth that you have? (drink) Those are all 3 points each. And those Jacks are only worth 2 points each. Yeah, that's right, tough luck. (drink) And all those 7's, 8's, and 9's aren't worth anything. Nope, those are zero points each. And these Kings I have are worth 4 points. (drink) So it looks like I win this one. (drink) No, I haven't changed the rules on every game of this that we played so far! (drink) Oh, you're going to write all this down this time? Well, I suppose, if you can't remember all this that is. (drink)"

And that is how Sheepshead was invented.

The rest of the weekend was pretty fun as well. We hit an Indian Casino in Green Bay and I promptly lost some money. It was a fun time though. I found a quarter holdem machine that I could sit for about an hour playing without losing more than $2. Sunday night we went over to my other brother's house (Dan) who's expecting and had a great dinner. Well, that's the scoop on the Great Northern Trip so far. More to come...


Monday, August 06, 2007

When did I get so lame???

In case you were wondering, that answer is NOT "you were always lame". I literally have been up to nothing. I have no good stories. Gosh, not even any drunk stories. I've been basically bikraming in the morning, working during the day, and sleeping at night.

Today I hit my class again - which made it 17 straight days for me. So that was good.

Friday I was in bed at 8:45 pm.

Saturday, I went to class, came home and worked, had Party C up around 5 pm to watch crap TV, and then Wonderbutt up around 9 pm to watch a movie.

Sunday, I went to class, came home and worked/did laundry, met Shelby Shelbs for some din din in the Inner Sunset, and then hit Party C's for my weekly Vince/Ari fix. And was in bed at 8:30 pm.

The sad thing is, I feel better than I have in my life. I just don't want to go out of my apartment. Yep, lame.

Hope people are having a better non-lame time than me.