Monday, June 30, 2008

What's been happening...

About 3 weeks ago, I interviewed with another company here in the SF area - they had found me via a website that I'm on and had asked if I'd be interested in interviewing. Ironically, they are a .com also and I use their site frequently (unlike my current job and my despised old job). I went in for an interview and enjoyed everyone I met, and they liked me also.

About 2 weeks ago, I got promoted to Senior Release Engineer at my current job. This was unexpected and a nice surprise. It came with a fat raise so that also was a good thing. Because I like money. And food. But you know, money.

Last week I interviewed a 2nd time with the other company and they extended a job offer.

I turned them down today. I have no idea if I made the right decision, but my way of thinking was that since I didn't know if I should switch jobs (especially after the promotion/raise), then I probably wasn't ready to leave my current job.

I had a little sob fest here after I turned them down. I am just HOPING LIKE CRAZY this was the right thing to do. If not, well, I survived 5 years at the despised old job, so you know, I can go on. Gah - I totally sound like I'm vying for an Oscar or something.

If you have any thoughts on this, or you know, want to just tell me I did the right thing even if you don't know it was the right thing; or hell, if you want to tell me I did the right thing even if you know it's the wrong thing, I'm all for it.

Dreading 3 more days of work... Dreading 30 years to retirement...


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The Cutest Kid in the World's birthday was today, and Yours Truly forgot to give her a call to wish her a happy birthday.

Sooo.... deep breath... say it with me!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CKITW!!!! I love you with my whole heart, and wish I could be there to celebrate with you. I hope you enjoyed your pizza dinner!!!!

Hugs and kisses Cutey Cuterson!

Monday, June 16, 2008

I. Need. A. Breather!

So my 2 am start time last week went not the best. Several *extremely* high-ups at my company joined the call, and it was a very strenuous 5 hours of dealing with a lot of questioning about how and why things were being done. I guess I came through okay, b/c my boss' boss' boss (3 up) sent email later on that day telling me that he had heard I was great on the call, professional and accomodating, and that I had made my team look very good.

Some other things have happened on the work front lately also - things that I will try to post about at a later date.

The weekend was extremely good - I had a reason to celebrate, so I met up with my coworkers from My Despised Old Job on Friday night for drinks and dinner at my fav Mexican restaurant. Afterwards, Blondie and I invited everyone back to our house to hang out for a bit longer.

Saturday, Blondie and I had a date day. We went and got vegetarian rolls at my favorite sushi restaurant, and picked up some videos afterwards to watch. Semi-Pro is hysterically funny, whereas Cloverfield was funny when it wasn't supposed to be.

On Sunday, I was feeling lucky. So I drug Blondie up to San Pablo to go to a casino. It 100% TOTALLY SUCKED HAIRY B*LLS! OMG. Never have been to a worse casino in my life, and I've been to some pretty bad ones. Shreveport, I'm looking at you. However, Blondie and I still managed to have a pretty good time.

My other coworker left for 3 weeks of vacation starting today, so I'm still swamped for awhile right now. I think I just need some vacation time, and hopefully can plan a few days for sometime in July.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lahhhhh lahhhh lahhhhh....

I'll start by getting it out of the way - it's been an insane few days again with work. I had to work at 4 am on Sunday, and have a 2:30 am start tomorrow morning. It makes me want to cry a little, especially b/c, as we all know, I don't really like my job.

At least I had a good Friday and Saturday to make up for the crap Sunday.

I joined Blondie on Friday afternoon in the Inner Sunset to just tool around for awhile. I needed new running shoes, and that's where my running shop is so we just met up and hung out. We stopped afterwards and picked up some movies and some hummus and went home and just snacked all night long.

Saturday we ran some errands in the morning before stopping at Walgreens, which was a mistake b/c I went down the candy aisle and of course had to by a candy bar and some Nerds. After that it was over to Say Cheese for the yumminess that is their sandwiches. Sigh.

Other than that though, one word can describe Blondie and I right now = "Lame".


Wednesday, June 04, 2008


So yes, I've been busy. It's been *insane* at work lately. However, there might be good news, really good news, on that front in the next few weeks, so check back for updates on that.

Last weekend was pretty good. Let me just start by saying "I HEART SUMMER FRIDAYS!" Honestly, my life is so much better from the period of Memorial Day to Labor Day b/c of this. Ahhhh.... summer fridays.... my new BFF.

I managed to con Blondie into picking me up from my bus stop last Friday, and we went and ran some errands. One of those errands happened to involve another BFF of ours - that BFF is named "hummus and pita bread". After our late afternoon snack, we headed down to the bar in the hood to say goodbye to Wonderbutt. She's moving to New Zealand in a week, and it sounds like it's going to be really exciting.I cut out early b/c I was suffering some severe exhaustion from the week - I did manage to stop by the corner store on the way home to buy a pint of ice cream, so yay for me.

Saturday Blondie and I met up with my running group for a jaunt through GGP. I love running through GGP - there are so many things to look at (windmills, bison fields, museums, tai chi classes, THE OCEAN), and it makes the time zoom by. I ran 7 miles exactly and Blondie did 9.3 (thanks Garmin watches!)

The weather on Saturday was disgusting so after our run, we decided to just crash out in the apartment. We spent all day watching movies, and it was fabulous.

On Sunday we got out and got our grocery shopping and some other errands done. We hit Safeway-by-the-Ocean for our grocery shop, and made the amazing discovery that this Safeway sells Bud+Clamato (beer and clam juice in a can). Yeah. I spent 5 mins holding back dry heaves after I saw that.

Then on Sunday we were joined by Mr B to the bbbb for some more watching of movies and just hanging out. I decided to take a nap for 2 hours while Blondie and Bbbb watched TV, but other than that, we had a blast.

Work has been hellacious for several weeks now and this week is no exception. I'm so busy I barely have time to breathe - and the average time I get to heat up my lunch is about 2:15 pm every day. Boo hoo right?