Thursday, September 27, 2007

Yay for Yours Truly and Blondie!!!

It's our 4 year anniverary today (the non-official one of course).



Monday, September 24, 2007

Go {various football teams} go!

Seriously, these last 2 weeks have been just brilliant for football. UK is now ranked #14, Wisconsin ranked #9, Packers are 3-0. It's been a fun last few weeks, watching the games! GO PACK GO! Ramble girl ramble!

After our booze-fest at Sweetie J's on Thurs, Blondie and I took it eassssssssssy on Friday. We met up at the gym for a workout, which actually succeeded in getting rid of the headache that I had ALL DAY LONG. Saturday, we went for our Bikram, and then the weather was all yucky and rainy, so we decided it was football watching weather and nothing else!!! We were joined by Party C, and ended up drinking a ton of wine and beer, while partaking in the football games (oh yes, go Spartans!)

Sunday, Blondie and I were too queasy to run, so we just headed to the Fest in our hood for a bit, and then caught the train to Inner Sunset to watch our beloved Brett whip up on some Chargers. We ended up watching the game surrounded by Chargers fans, but the guys were fantastic, and never once were mean, and we ended up all laughing throughout most of the game. I will be supporting the Chargers after this week (unless they play the Pack again), just because of how nice their fans are.

Today it is GORGEOUS outside. I went for a run this morning, and just enjoyed the fresh air. Too bad it's Monday though - that tends to ruin everything.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oh yes. I forgot.

Today's emergency is that I need a Snickers bar and a real Coke. So, yeah, if you have that, please send to me.

Thanks in advance.
I hate rain.

I just do. Unless it's Saturday. And I have no place to be. And the kitchen is stocked with food. Then I like rain. It can rain all day. And I can just sit on my couch, watching TV, fat and content.

I don't like rain on Thursdays as an FYI. Especially on Thursdays when I have to go to work. Weather Gods - I hope you are reading this blog. Please fix this issue.

Din din with Party C and Blondie at Sweetie J's tonight! Can NOT wait to see everyone! They will definitely make it okay that it rained today.


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You got gummy bears???

To quote Mr Pooh: "What you got?"

Seriously. If you have gummy bears, or swedish fish, or even better, Swedish Fish Aqua Life, please let me know. It's an emergency.

By emergency, I mean, I want them.


Monday, September 17, 2007

Wondering about something...

How come the 2 days of the weekend take about 3 hours and they are done, but the 5 days of the work week take 20 years to complete? Anyone who can answer this (or anyone who can possibly reverse this trend - 20 years for the weekend, 3 hours for the work week) - please let me know.

Maybe it would feel like the work week went faster if I did what I do on the weekends.

For instance:

FRIDAY: Pedicures with Party C! GORGEOUS! Blondie meeting us for pitchers at Kezar! BUENO! Blondie and Yours Truly eating dinner at the Burger to da Meister! TASTY! More beer at Finny's! EVEN MORE BUENO! Collapsing with pints of ice cream afterwards - PRICELESS!

SATURDAY: Phone call from Party C that started the drinking train off at 11 am (Go UK! Go Badgers!), and then drinking all day until time to go back to coworker's BBQ/booze fest, where we kept drinking. Which meant a 12 hour day of drinking.

SUNDAY: Back on the drinking train at 10 am (GO PACK GO! GO PACK GO!). Staying on the drinking train until late afternoon. Power napping for a bit. Ordering way too much Chinese food for dinner.

As opposed to MONDAY: work; TUES: work; WED: work; THURS: work; FRI: work.

Hmmm - I think I just solved the question I posed above. That's why 5 days of work takes 20 years to complete.


Friday, September 14, 2007

Ready for a weekend.

So. Dang. Ready.

What have we been up to, you ask, that makes us so ready for 2 days off? Well, let me share. Because it's so fascinating I know. :)

Wednesday night, we inflicted ourselves on Mr. Bbbb for an evening of frosty malted beverages and a doughy bread covered in a sauce of tomatos and cheese. That's right, Blondie and I traveled out to the NV (the 'burbs ;) for a "non-rager" night (which while it wasn't a rager night, was definitely not a non-rager night either). The establishment we chose to spend our time in was quite enjoyable, from the guy who offered me sips of his shot of Jamesons (uh no, but thanks, but really, no thanks) to the delightful woman who dropped off slices of birthday cake (ICE CREAM birthday cake) b/c they had too much cake for their group to eat. And of course, getting to spend time with Bbbb is a blast!

Thursday night, Blondie took me on a date night. He hopped my train after I got off work and we headed over to Inner Sunset to my favorite sushi place for way too much food. After dinner, we hit our favorite bar in the area for some tasty beverages, before heading back to our apartment. It seemed really like a good idea to put a DVD in the laptop and watch that in bed (we decided to not have a TV in our bedroom after we looked around our house when we sold it and realized we had 4 TV's), and it was a really good idea, until yours truly fell asleep 20 minutes into it.

Tonight, I have PEDI PLANS with Party C!!! Which will be followed by drinking plans.

Saturday, Blondie and I are going to a co-workers for a BBQ/booze fest.

And Sunday, we are slated to run a 5K race (but both of us are already thinking that sleeping in might be a better option).


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Visit!!!!

What a FANTASTIC weekend! Our out-of-towners were so much fun, and Blondie and I had a blast! (I hope they did too :)

Brother R came in on Wed night, and Blondie surprised me by riding to the airport with me to pick him up. We drug BR back to downtown, and got him checked into his hotel, and then proceeded immediately to the hotel bar to partake. Unfortunately, Eastern Time and Pacific Time aren't the same, so the night ended around midnight.

Thursday, Brother R met me for some tasty lunch (his work was about 3 blocks from my work) and then we met up after work for some tasty drinks atop the Marriott (the name of the bar there is appropriately titled "The View" b/c it's 36 stories up and all glass). While Brother R and I were imbibing, Blondie had picked up the entire B-Clan from the airport in our rented shortbus. Unfortunately, they got to the apt and had an emergency. That being that THEY RAN OUT OF BEER! Brother R and I jumped on it - and raced to the grocery and then on home, only to find they didn't wait for us and had gone ahead and bought beer in the meantime. We sat around getting toasty before hopping a train to the Inner Sunset for pizza and more beer.

Friday, Blondie and I had the day off, so we squired the B-Clan around to Twin Peaks (in 20 years... hahah, still makes me laugh), and GG Park/the ocean. Then we made a swing by to get Brother R for the ride out to the GG Bridge and Lombard Street, before eating lunch/dinner (dunch?) at Ghiradelli Square. Then it was a trip back to the hood, to wander up and down Haight Street (and watch 2 "special" girls try to parallel park a PT Cruiser - I can't really make fun though, b/c that's what I would look like if I tried to parallel park). That night we all ended up crashing in front of the TV, watching movies, and eating takeout indian and pizza.

Saturday was our mass transportation day. We caught the F-Train to the Alcatraz Wharf and met up with Brother R and Shugs for our tour. After that it was onto the "real" Wharf for lunch and meeting up with L-Dawg's sis. We did some shopping at the Wharf, and then caught the cable car to Chinatown. Blondie then took his sis/bro-in-law, and 1 other brother for dinner, while I took the rest of the B-Clan home, where again we watched movies and ordered takeout (does anyone see a pattern here?)

Then it was Sunday and our weekend was almost over. I got Blondie's sis/bro-in-law to their train, while Blondie took the rest of the B-Clan to the other airport. Then it was a trip to the Wharf to get Brother R and Shugs to come back to our hood to stay. While waiting for Blondie to get home (and the Packers to WIN!), we wandered down to the 'stro, but it was determined that was way too much porn for a Sunday morning. Blondie then came and picked us up and we took Shugs down Lombard and to the GG Bridge for her tour. We ended up back on Haight, getting trashed in our bar - joined randomly by several friends (Party C and Crazy Larry, Porn King and Cousin S), before hitting up our indian joint for dinner.

Then it was Monday, and the weekend was over. Really and truly over. And I don't feel like I had a weekend, and I'm guessing nobody else does either. :)

IT WAS SO GOOD SEEING EVERYONE! Thank you all for making the trip out to see our new city/apt/life! Brother R and Shugs - see you at Thanksgiving; B-Clan - see you at Christmas!

3 days to the weekend, counting them down.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The invasion....

IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!!! The Blondie-Clan and Brother R and Shugs are all descending on SF this weekend to have some fun, do some touristy things, and hang out with Yours Truly and Blondie! Brother R starts it off (arriving tonight), followed tomorrow by the entire B-Clan, followed Friday night by Shugs! Can't wait to see you guys!

The weekend was a much needed break from the office.

Friday, we started things off by blowing off our plans to see a movie (Spider-pig, spider-pig, doing whatever a spider-pig does), instead hitting Zeitgeist with my coworkers. We drank our butts off. But it was a blast! Blondie always fits in well with everyone, and he was making new friends all over the place!

Saturday, we went running and then had a picnic in our beloved dog park again. We got some snacky-type foods and spent the rest of the day holed up in front of our TV. We did get to watch "Zodiac" - which was actually an incredible movie. Very hard to tear yourself away from, and contrary to what Blondie called it, it's not a "scary movie".

Sunday we did some Bikram in the morning, and then went to our friends apartment for some homemade Pakistani grub (Porn King and Girlfriend J). They had a couple of other friends over too. In what is rapidly becoming a typical SF thing for me, I had a major coincidence happen with one of Porn King's friends. She mentioned that she happens to work for the "Despised Old Job" company (DOJC). I was like "whoa!". BUT, it gets better. Not only does she still work for the DOJC, she also transferred from the DFW office. BUT, even better than that, she was in the original building I was in when I worked there!!! We started about a month apart, worked in the same building for 7 months, both transferred to the new building, and both ended up telling DOJC that we were moving to SF. BUT BUT BUT, she also used to live in Dallas, and where she lived was 1 block from where I used to live in Dallas. And where she lives in SF, is about 4 blocks from where we currently live. HOW DOES THIS KIND OF THING HAPPEN?

Monday, we took an easy day. We didn't do anything but grocery shop. But it was such a nice end to the weekend.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day! See the B-Clan, Brother R, and Shugs shortly!