Monday, June 29, 2009

Also, a big huge congratulations!!!

A shout out to Brother R and Shugs! Congratulations on the company! You guys are going to rule the medical world!

--K and S
A BBQ, a sunny weekend, Pride and Gummi Love, and many drinks...

I have to keep stressing that my work has gone into summer hours until Labor Day - this involves 4 hours of work on Friday that count for 8 hours, and you don't have to make up the missing 4 hours earlier in the week.

Having said that, Friday at 1:45 pm found me at HH with my colleagues enjoying some cheap beverages. Blondie and Sweetie J joined up around 3 pm, and we headed out to get some margaritas before going to see "The Hangover". I about gave myself a heart attack watching that movie as it was HYSTERICAL. I think at the end all I could say was "My face hurts!!!" b/c I had been laughing so hard.

After the movie, it was back from drinks to end our evening. It was a blast hanging out with Sweetie J, and the movie/margs/beers just completed the day.

I bought a game for the Wii - EA Active. I have to say that on a scale of 1 to 10 of how much I recommend this (10 being the highest), my score would be 25. To me, it's way worse than bootcamp in terms of intensity, but also way better b/c it's only 25-33 minute workout sessions (I'm at the end of the 30-day workout program). Also, when I'm bitchy in the mornings, and I say "Fuuuuuck you" to my virtual trainer, he can't hear me and call me out on it! SO MUCH BETTER than bootcamp.

Anyway - Saturday, I worked out with EA Active for several hours - I did my 30 day program, and then went into another hour long program that is separate. When I was done, you could wring the sweat out of my t-shirt. All of this from working out in the apartment.

Afterwards, I headed down to get my toes done and my eyebrows waxed while Blondie went for a run. It was beautiful weather - non-typical SF weather to be honest. Sunny and warm - no clouds, no fog.

That evening we headed over to Shelbs and Bbbb for a cookout. I have a love of all things gummy (bears, swedish fish, juicy twists - you name it, gummy is my poison) and Shelbs had found this fabulous shirt in Austin - it's 1 gummy bear doing another gummy bear from behind. Also, this weekend was Pride. My full belief on Pride is this - whatever any consenting adults want to do with each other, should be completely fucking legal. I want to marry 3 men and 1 woman? Legal. I want to marry a gummy bear? Legal b/c the gummy bear isn't alive. I want to marry a 17-year-old? NOT LEGAL - wait until that kid turns 18.

Anyway, in honor of Pride, I wore my gummi love t-shirt - I was a little worried b/c I didn't want to freak any little kids out, but Blondie pointed out that this is SF, and that shirt is way less crude than what happens on a daily basis anywhere in the city. This statement was perfect b/c as we were on our train riding to the NV for our BBQ, we passed a woman walking to the Pride rally wearing 1) jeans, 2) sneakers, 3) paint to cover her nipples, 4) nothing else.

The BBQ was awesome! The burgers and potato salad were out of this world, and were supplemented nicely by the hurricane mix I brought back from my trip to NOLA.

Yesterday was another beautiful day - and I took advantage of it by going for a run. I'm going to run a full marathon in May 2010 and it's time to start training again. As much as I bitched about bootcamp above, one thing my trainer from bootcamp taught me was how to get through runs (it really was all in my head). So I busted out 2 miles (*without stopping*) in a fairly quick time for me, seeing as how I'm just starting to run again.

And the rest of the day was spent in front of the TV - which was a perfect end to the weekend.

This is a 3.5 day work week for me, so here's hoping it goes fast.

Happy upcoming 4th to everyone!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy happy birthday!!!

The Cutest Kid In The World turns 4 today!!!! I can't believe how fast time has gone. It feels like just yesterday, I flew into Cincinnatti butt early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the first kid that ever stole my heart. And then just 2 months later, I was so in love with her, that I drug Blondie back with me to Kentucky.

Have a great birthday sweetie! I'll see you in a few months.


Monday, June 08, 2009

50000 lbs of crawfish, in my belly!!!!

Because god knows I hadn't eaten my weight in crawfish when I was in NOLA, Blondie and I decided to hit up the 7th annual SF Crawfish Boil yesterday. We joined Mr and Mrs K, and several of our other friends to partake in $25 all-you-can-eat and drink!!!! They lost money on us.

It was a blast. First off, it was a GORGEOUS SF day. The sun was out, a slight breeze, it was warn enough for short sleeves. Second, the Crawfish Boil was on the bay - behind us was the GG Bridge, in front of us was a spectacular city view, to one side was Alcatraz/the bay/every sailboat that exists in SF, and to the other side was the hills of the Presidio.

We got to the boil around 11 am, after being escorted over by a fantastic woman that we happened to run into while we were pondering which way we needed to go from the parking lot. She overheard us talking, knew immediately where we were headed, and walked us over. She's lived in SF for a long time, and actually lives right by GG Park.

The day was just spectacular - the food was so good, the beer was free, and the friends are fantastic!

The only bad part is the INSANELY bad sunburn I'm sporting now (Blondie too!). I have a tomato head and arms, and Blondie is now officially a redneck.

Today was spent relaxing, watching Slumdog Millionaire, and reading.

Also, in other news, I broke down and bought EA Active for our Wii - it's a great game and reminds me so much of bootcamp! It gets my heart rate up and gets me moving! I've been hitting the gym again for the past month, and have started adding in the game the past week. I've got to get in shape for 2 major events coming up:
1) The wedding of Shelbs and Bbbb! Don't want to be the fat bridesmaid.
2) GREENBAY MARATHON (full) - May 2010!!!!! Blondie, MG, and I will be running the entire thing, and drinking beer and eating brats after!


Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NOLA baby, NOLA...

What a freaking blast!!!! First, it was so good to get away for awhile. I miss taking vacations, and this certainly helped fill that void. And then of course, getting to hang with just my mom and sis was a great experience too - that rarely happens for good reason. Blondie and I make it back to KY maybe twice a year.

Anyhoo, flights out last week were rocking good, and got to the hotel without issue. My mom and I immediately set out for Pat O'Briens, the home of the HURRICANE! I was on an empty stomach, and slammed 2 of those suckers down in no time. Then, we headed to Bourbon Street. I got my aura and tarot cards read, and let me tell you, the aura reading freaked me out - it was seriously like this guy had followed me around for 34 years and then spilled everything he had seen about me. The hurricanes didn't help the paranoia either. :)

After the readings, mom and I kept walking Bourbon Street - and we saw a mini-parade come through! They tossed mom some beads, and we followed them for awhile.

I got to eat some oysters that night and gumbo for dinner, and then it was off to gamble the evening away.

The next day mom and I slept in late while sis headed to her conf. We ended up going to tour the aquarium in the afternoon, and then met up with sis for dinner on Bourbon Street followed by a HAUNTED NOLA TOUR! That was honestly my favorite part of the trip for the following reasons:
1) Sis got some AWESOME pictures of the haunted houses - she had so many floating things in her pics that it was freaky!
2) We headed down a street where they were filming a Josh Brolin movie - all the lights and cameras were out, and it was pretty cool.
3) We stopped at the oldest bar in America for drinksies - they make an alcoholic grape slushee that rocked my world.
4) The entire tour was just eerie - the 2nd to last stop is a house owned currently by Nicolas Cage and the story she told about the house was just beyond belief.

Saturday, sis got to end her stuff early so we all had some lunch, and then did a Mississippi River cruise followed by a tour of Mardi Gras World (where they store the floats for the parade). Afterwards, we headed to Cafe Du Monde for some out of this world beignets and then rode the streetcar down Canal Street. We ended up with some killer mexican food (it was my decision and I'm embarrassed that I made us eat mexican when there was so much good cajun food around!)

Sunday was hard, b/c we had to get up so early and it's always sad saying goodbye. Then my flight out of DFW was delayed for several hours due to maintenance and weather in the SF area. But it ended good b/c I did get to see Will Forte in the airport.

We've agreed that we are going to start a tradition of 3 or 4 day weekend trips for the women on a yearly basis also!!!

Please note: NOLA has no restrictions on public drinking. Everywhere we went, I had a drink in my hand.

Please also note: Blondie, we should move to NOLA b/c of this.