Thursday, March 19, 2009

San Francisco...

Via San Jose, Reno, Carson City, and Reno again.

We need a break. So we are taking one. I'm meeting Blondie in about an hour and we are driving down to San Jose to visit with Brother R for the evening. We will be making a quick stop back in the city tonight to sleep, and then we are off bright and early tomorrow am to head to Reno for the weekend!

We plan to gamble and watch NCAA games all day Friday, and then visit Carson City (the capital of NV - I bet my mom is the only person who knows this) on Saturday. Carson City is having a beer fest downtown, and for $10 you get a commerative mug and all you can eat apps, and beer. TOTALLY worth it.

I'm looking forward to our mini-break!

Baby Vegas, Baby!


Monday, March 09, 2009

If you can't be careful, name it after me... OR, In honor of Brother R...

The past Saturday in review:
Number of limos ridden in: 1
Number of limos with heel marks on the ceiling mirrors ridden in: 1 (same)
Number of tastes of wine that were drunk each: 364 (estimate)
Number of wineries stopped at: 6 (which is about 60 tastes per winery - estimate)
Number of creepy guys who's butt I wanted to kick: 1
Number of friends we saw that we hadn't seen in about 2 mos: 6 (estimate)
Amount of water drunk: 0 ounces
Amount of snack food eaten: 35 lbs (estimate)
Amount of non-snack food eaten: 0 ounces
Average time in bed on Friday and Saturday: 9 pm
Number of brothers who stayed the weekend: 1
Number of livers killed: 3 (Blondie, Yours Truly, Brother R)