Monday, March 09, 2009

If you can't be careful, name it after me... OR, In honor of Brother R...

The past Saturday in review:
Number of limos ridden in: 1
Number of limos with heel marks on the ceiling mirrors ridden in: 1 (same)
Number of tastes of wine that were drunk each: 364 (estimate)
Number of wineries stopped at: 6 (which is about 60 tastes per winery - estimate)
Number of creepy guys who's butt I wanted to kick: 1
Number of friends we saw that we hadn't seen in about 2 mos: 6 (estimate)
Amount of water drunk: 0 ounces
Amount of snack food eaten: 35 lbs (estimate)
Amount of non-snack food eaten: 0 ounces
Average time in bed on Friday and Saturday: 9 pm
Number of brothers who stayed the weekend: 1
Number of livers killed: 3 (Blondie, Yours Truly, Brother R)


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