Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Well, K has done a great job keeping everybody up-to-date on the San Francisco happenings. Here in Texas I'm just finishing up the packing/address change/misc stuff that all needs to get done before closing on the 15th and heading out there on the 16h. Thanksgiving week was a blast for me! It was great spending some time out there with K. The Thanksgiving meal was fantasticly done by A&B! Thanks again for all the help during the past turbulent 2 months! Of course it was great meeting all of K's new friends that she has gathered over the past month-and-a-half that she's been there. It makes the new city feel more like home when you have some friends to hang out and drink beer with :-)

I finally got some much promised pics of the views from our windows. This will be my new office ;-) The 3rd pic is a close up of the Golden Gate bridge.

And on Thanksgiving Day here is our hostess with the mostest! And of course what would Thanksgiving be without Boggle and Taboo!


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

And hold your horses everyone...

My partner-in-crime lands tomorrow night for 5 days of drinking in his old city. Many stories will follow this weekend. Many friends will be made. Many a liver will be further ruined. Ahhh, partner-in-crime, only 27.5 hours to go!

Cuteness personified...

My niece is the most ADORABLE baby/toddler I've ever seen. How soon before she can come visit her crazy Aunt?


Monday, November 27, 2006

Officially needing another vacation day (and a new liver).

Me and S rang in Thanksgiving with some FABULOUS food at A&B's house. Yours truly was drunk when we got to their house, and didn't let up all afternoon. Yours truly also ate her weight (it's hard to do) in food, and didn't stop until the button on my jeans about blew off. After a truly great tday, S and I trucked back up the 17th street hill (seriously, I should've lost all the weight I gained after that hike) to our apartment building, where we raced each other up the steps to our apartment. I won. Even after tripping between 1st and 2nd floors and going face down on the steps. Man, S is sure slow.

Friday saw me and S all over the city - we first braved the mall *gasp* to get S a new cell phone and then we went and saw Borat. Truly hysterical and truly cringe-worthy. I might have a crush on Sasha Baron Cohen. But a crush like the silly guy in class who always made you laugh but that was about it. Then it was back to Cole Valley to drop off said cell phone and then over into Sunset for pizza and beer. Yum. Pizza. Yum. Beer. After truly stuffing ourselves, we cut through GG Park to Richmond to catsit for a friend S2. And then it was a truck back to Cole Valley for boozing into the night.

Saturday saw S hop his flight back to DFW. I then made it a goal to move out of bed only to pee and eat. I not only met my goal, but blew right past it. Seriously, I don't think I moved but 5 times on Saturday. Glorious.

And yesterday my dear sweet friend J and I went out. It was intended to be a low-key day, but ended up being a day that started with martinis and ended up with burgers and PBR in a can. The movie, which J slept through, rocked. The martinis rocked. The beer rocked. And the burgers ROCKED. The only thing that would've made it more fabulous is if Berkeley realized that school SHOULD end the week of Thanksgiving so that Ms A could've joined us on our little trip through alcohol-land.



Wednesday, November 22, 2006

HAPPY TURKEY DAY (a day early)

Me and S are off to A&B's home for Thanksgiving dinner this year. We had talked of running a 3 mile race prior to eating, but I think the lazy gene in my body is the dominant gene this year, soooo.... we're just going to eat.

Wishing my family in KY and my family-in-law in WI a great holidy (we miss you guys!!!) . Give my niece a big giant smacker on the cheeks for me!

And to our friends scattered all over the place, we miss you all too (have a great day and drink a beer for your friend in SF).

Monday, November 20, 2006

News, separated into sections, b/c that's how I like to think. In sections.

1) Vegas baby, Vegas!
We hit the city of sin on 11/10 EARLY. As in, I had to get up at 4:00 am early to get to the airport on time. And S, who had a 3.5 hour flight to get there (vs my 1 hour flight), still made it in before me - so everyone knows how early he got up. Vegas was a BLAST. Everyone started arriving around 4 pm and the boozing started. Slick's flight got delayed out of Chicago and he didn't get in until 3 am on Sat morning - he did lay down a challenge when he called to tell me about the delay.
Slick: Nobody will still be up when I get there.
K: I'll be up.
Slick: boo hoo. Nobody loves Slick.
(For the record, I still love Slick).
Not only did we stay up until he got in, several of us went to bed when the sun was already fully up for the day (me included).

After sleeping until 3 pm, with short breaks to, ahem, relieve myself of excess alcohol (i.e. puke), I hit it hard again. Me and S, A&B, Paulie and Angie, and Matt (dirty sanchez) and Natalie hit downtown. We decided Barbary Coast needed our money more than we did, so we gave it to them in the form of BlackJack. Then we decided our stomachs needed margaritas - so it was a very very boozy ride back to the strip. Where we stayed up until 4 am. With a 3:30 am Wendy's run. Ugh. I gained 50 lbs on that trip.

2) The pressure is off
THE HOUSE SOLD. We found out on Thurs.

3) I'm no longer homeless.
I picked up my apartment keys on Friday.

4) I'm no longer catless
My buddies (hi Max and Tigga!) flew on their first plane ride Saturday night with their dad to join me in SF. They were a bit tense (to say the least) and have spent the last few days craning their necks to check their new home out. Max has also (appropriately) slept in the closet the last few nights. But they are here, and they are safe.

5) Random coincidences from this past weekend.
a) My partner-in-crime and I met a a girl (S1) and her friend about 2 weeks after I got into town. She's introduced me to several of her friends, and we've hung out many times. One of those friends called on Fri night and I went and met her and her friend (H) for drinks. H called this girl she used to work with (M) and M brought her b/f D. After about 20 mins of chatting, we figured out that D used to work at the NYC branch of my company! As soon as he asked where I worked and I told him, and then he said I used to work there, it hit me that I knew who he was and used to hang out with him when he would go to the DFW office. We (all of us) had a BLAST that night.
b) I met another of S1's friends on Thurs night - we'll call her S2. S2 has cats and I'm going to catsit for her over Thanksgiving. S2 called last night to tell me that she told her sister about me (just moved from DFW, works at company blah), completely randomly, my partner-in-crime and I (on yet another drinking trip) had met her sister about 3 weeks ago at a bar downtown.


Now that we have an apartment - come visit people!!!


Monday, November 06, 2006

Go Cowboys! What a spectacularly hysterical loss yesterday to Washington! It MADE MY WEEKEND.

Hi everyone. I'm still in DFW. I'm like a virus - I can't quite be shaken. Ha ha. No, I decided to stay through Thurs - I have my release going out this week and thought I'd give the fabulous A&B some time off from yours truly and the early morning/all night phone calls that will be happening this week for my release.

The weekend was drunken fun. I made up for my lame drinking skills on my birthday night and celebrated the 32nd in style all weekend long. My partner-in-crime and a few of us went out all day on Sunday, and it truly became a great day after the Cowboys screwed up so royally.

This is a lame post today b/c just not much has been happening. I'll have some great stories after this coming weekend (Vegas baby, Vegas), but until then, you are stuck reading my boring stories.


Friday, November 03, 2006

Agh. What a week! I'm blogging today from DFW. I came back on Wed night to visit the hubby and kitties, and celebrate my birthday. Yours truly is now officially mid-30's. I had some Hooter's and beer to ring in the new year, but had to play low-key since I had an early early early early morning today for work. Tonight, there will be raging.

Since I last caught up with you all - a lot has happened.

My partner-in-crime officially left SF. It was a sad day when that happened. Ironically, he is living in DFW for a few months. I now have to find a new person that can keep up with me when I get on a roll (that's not easy to do, but those of you who can, I HEART YOU; WC, Slick - I'm talking about you).

I celebrated my first official Halloween in SF. It was a great and fabulous (and boozy) night but ended with 10 people being shot about a block from where we were. We didn't see or hear anything, but it was a damper on an otherwise spectacular evening.

Arrrrr matey - is that a pirate monkey chomping on Montag's head? Why yes, yes it is. And oh my, I think I spotted a Jackson Ho'. And there is me, being a fairy godmother on acid coming to grant your every wish - or at least the wishes I thought were worthy.