Monday, July 30, 2007

New blog!

The Poohs now have their own blog! To check out what's going on in their lives, and to see a pic of the Cutest Kid In The World, click the link on the side of the page under "Blogs".

This weekend - so much fun! Friday night found both me and Blondie being incredibly lame. We ended up renting a movie through our cable, but I only watched about 15 minutes of it before I was asleep, at yes, 8:15 pm (give it up for Bikram! SLEEPING rocks!).

Saturday, we met Party C at Bikram and got ourselves sweaty off the bat. Then, we met my partner-in-crime at Jazz Fest in the North Beach area. The beers I had there were my first beers in 13, count them 13, days!!!! They tasted so sinfully good I could hardly stand it. Then it was off to a friend's for wine night. Unfortunately, however, the beers earlier in the day hit me HARD, and by 10 pm on Saturday night, I was out cold.

Blondie, however, decided to party more than me. Which leads to Sunday morning, and a hungover Blondie saying "No to Bikram". I went sans Blondie, and then in the afternoon, him and I shopped ourselves silly. But only for necessities - we bought boring stuff like groceries, a drying rack, new sandals, new workout gear. Snooze.

Sunday night turned out to be an event. We were attempting to make BLT's, and ended up somehow blowing out ALL the fuses in the apartment. ALL of them. Nothing works. Our overhead lights are fine, and our stove since it's a 3 prong (??? - I'm not the electrical engineer in our family), but nothing else. No alarm clocks, no laptops, no TV, no charger for the cell phone, no charger for the toothbrushes. We ended up plugging our fridge into an extension cord and plugging that into the hall socket. Sigh. We thought it would be hysterical to take our microwave and our toaster into the hall and make our BLT's out there, but alas, we were too tired to go through with our plan.

And now here it is. Monday. Ugh. 5 days left of work, Bikram knocked me on my butt so I'm tired, blah blah blah. And I have a head cold.

But seriously now, take a gander at the Cutest Kid in the World! She's enough to brighten anyone's day!


Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Whole Lotta Nada...

I had my mini-Tvly reunion yesterday and it was SO MUCH FUN! 8 of us came out for lunch, and to wish one of our former colleagues well as he travels home to India for awhile. Of the 8 of us, 6 of us walked out together on the last day, 1 of us stayed with the company for a bit longer, and the other had actually quit awhile ago, but came just to hang out. I miss those guys. I miss cussing my way through the office with those guys. I miss the "Hey, what's for lunch today?" callout around 11:30 am. I miss them giving me a hard time about how much I drank the night before. I miss discussing cats with them. But mostly I just miss them. Okay, I'll admit it - the despised old job did have good parts to it.

On a cheerier note, Blondie and I hit Bikram for the 6th day in a row today. I tell you what, yesterday and today the instructors were out to kill us. And I don't mean that figuratively. A couple interesting things happened today though:
1) On our way to class at 6:40 am, we hear this voice behind us saying "I'm stealing your spots today!" We turn around and it's one of our classmates (the class is in the hood so most people who go to it walk from somewhere in the hood), and she was wanting our normal spots by the door (because when you are by the door, everytime it opens, you get the fresh air hitting your body, and by the way, could this sentence be any longer?) We ended up walking with her, and she lays on us that the first time she saw us in class she recognized us from the hood. :) First thing going through my head is "uh oh, she saw us drunk and stupid at the bar in the hood". But it was nice - I like meeting new people and this seems to be the place to do it!
2) My fat pants fit again. I have a size in my head I won't go above. Last week I admitted defeat and went out to buy a new pair of dress pants, and I bought them in this size (they didn't fit). Yesterday, they went right up. WOO HOO! And today, Blondie told me that you can already see the change in my body. WOO HOO WOO HOO (that's a double woo hoo).

On Tuesday, we even managed to convince Shelbs to come join us for the torture. And then she came downtown and met up with me, Bbbb, and Miss LM for some lunch. We said goodbye to the last time she could possibly meet us downtown for this kind of activity, b/c she starts her new job on Monday! Boo for work! But at least, her job has a much better cafeteria than 99% of other companies.

And that's it. My whole lotta nada.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

More good news from my family... my brother N and his wife are expecting about the same time as my other brother D. So I'll be an uncle twice in about a month span! Pretty cool!

So today was the 4th day in a row thate experienced the hotness of Bikram. HOT. It's getting a little easier though, but not by much!

Here are some pics from the past couple weeks adventures. We went camping with a bunch of friends a few weeks back and did some hiking and a couple weeks ago we went to Healdsburg to the Firefly Lodge with a group (


Healdsburg trip (our house and the river right outside the back door):


Monday, July 23, 2007

That's hot.

That's right. It is hot. And by hot, I mean Hot. And by Hot, I mean HOT.

I got this idea in my head when I lived in Texas that I would love Bikram Yoga (Yoga done in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity, and the class lasts for 90 minutes). I'm not sure why I thought I would love this, but I had this idea in my head that Bikram Yoga people were my type of people.

It's Texas though. We had 1 Bikram studio that we could've driven to, except it was on the west side of downtown Fort Worth which depending on the traffic took awhile. So we never took Bikram in Texas.

Fast forward to Saturday morning. I still had this (stupid) idea in my head, so me, Blondie, and Party C drug our butts to class on Saturday morning. I walked into the room, promptly said "there is no way I can stay in here for 90 minutes" and hit the floor (did I mention how HOT it was?). However, we made it. All 3 of us. We fought the dizziness (yes, oh yes, you get dizzy), the nauesousness (glad you are warned not to eat beforehand), and the incredible amount of sweat that pours from your body (every piece of clothing on my body was soaked all the way through).

Class ends. Yours truly and Party C are relieved - this sucked! Blondie however, decided that my Texas opinion about Bikram was dead-on. He LOVED the class.

I hated Bikram until I woke up on Sunday morning, and realized that the sleep disorder I've had since I can remember, didn't kick in on Saturday night. I slept for 8 solid hours, straight through - no tossing, turning, getting up to pee. I can't tell you the last time that has happened.

So then of course, we went back Sunday (I'm craving the sleep), and this morning. And guess what? I kind of like it too now. I like it a lot more when I'm done, but still, it's something I can do for awhile. (It does completely knock me on my ass though - we hit Party C's for our usual Sunday night fare last night, and I couldn't even make my mouth move to talk - everyone knows that NEVER happens so that shows you how tired I was!)

So I was right (as always): Bikram people are my type of people. I just wish they weren't so sweaty. :)


P.S. Blondie rocks the Bikram. He can do all the poses and never has to take a "sit down" break! Go Blondie!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Go Mississippi Queen! Go Wine Bag!

A HUGE GIANT SHOUT OUT TO MY MISSISSIPPI QUEEN! WC, a longtime friend and all around wonderful person, completed her first triathalon this weekend (and she smoked it)! Go WC! We are sooooo proud of you!

A not so huge giant shout to yours truly (aka Wine Bag). Blondie and I spent all weekend living it up in Healdsburg in a completely fabulous lodge on the Russian River. From lounging on the 2 level porch, to drinking wine with friends in wineries up and down Dry Creek Road, to chowing down on a fabulous grilled dinner, it was just a truly wonderful time. HOWEVER, the excess liquor I drank all weekend long, is starting to slowly ooze out my pores and probably if I was sweating, I could lick it and get drunk. Can you say potent?

po·tent –adjective
1. powerful; mighty: a potent fighting force.
Wine bag, that's a potent stench coming out your pores. What did you do this weekend? Bathe in booze?


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Blah blah blah...


What's this from: "I'd vote for you. You have a sweet bike and you're really good at hooking up with chicks. Plus, you're like the only guy at school who has a mustache."

Plans for the weekend:
Hot date with Sweetie J and Party C tomorrow afternoon at the $2 bar, followed by pedi's with Party C after. That's right. I'm going to attempt to gross out the pedicure person with my nasty-assed-burned-up-blistered-scabby-peeling leg (from the spaghetti incident). Woot! (and sorry pedicure person!)

Then it's off to Healdsburg on Saturday for some wine drinking and hot-tub sitting. Give it up for my type of camping!

Future Plans:
1) The partner-in-crime is landing in SF in a few weeks! I'm sure we are going to spend all weekend in a state of inebriation. At least he's not crashing at my place this time, so there will be no more "You are a donkey monkey" written in the steam on my bathroom mirror that I don't catch until 4 weeks after he leaves.

2) The entire Blondie-clan is coming to visit in Sept! Well, minus Momma J. But the rest of them (all 8 of them!) will be here... for the same weekend! Let the fighting over floor space begin...

3) I'm having a mini-Tvly reunion the last week of July! Several of us are going to meet up for lunch, and I'm really excited. I miss those guys like crazy (they were insane, but in a good way, unlike Company B, where people are just flat-out ARGH).

And that's about it.

Hi mom!


Monday, July 09, 2007

Big news! I'm going to be an uncle! My brother D and his wife M are going to have a little one next March! I'm so excited! It will the first one on my side! Whoohoo!


Thursday, July 05, 2007

The home front...

So, first off, happy 1 day late anniversary WC! It seems like just yesterday, we had made it into Ohio to see you get married! Just yesterday, or a year ago. :)

Secondly, happy 1 day late 4th of July!

Thirdly, news....
So, thanks to Party C, Blondie and I *finally* made it legitimately out of the city. We finally went somewhere besides Oakland Airport, or Target in Daly City. Last weekend, we drove up through Napa (oops) and Sonoma (ah yes, the *right* way), and hit Sugarloaf Ridge State Park to do some camping. Party C set it up, and tagging along for the ride were me, Blondie, Wonderbutt, Porn King, and Girlfriend J.

We had a pretty good time! It involved a bunch of sleeping in a lawn chair for me while the rest of the crew hiked. Then it involved a TON of food (sigh, my favorite thing!) and beer (sigh, my second favorite thing!) and just plenty of good company (sigh, my alltime favorite thing!). We came back on Sunday refreshed and ready to hit the week.

It also made me and Blondie realize we've got to explore this state before we leave it, so we are planning a trip to Carmel-By-The-Sea (watch out Clint Eastwood - I'm coming to make your day, punk) and Monterrey this weekend, and next weekend it's off with some friends to Healdsburg for my type of camping (i.e. a cabin, a hottub, WIFI, etc).

To celebrate our independence from work on the 4th, me, Party C, WB, and Blondie hit up the bar in the hood on the 3rd. Ugh. Insert your usual "They got trashed" stories here, but my main point is that after we got home that night, I decided I needed spaghetti. I ended up dumping that spaghetti down my left leg, and now it's covered in burn welts/bruises shaped like spaghetti noodles, and blisters. That's what I get for trying to make food when I'm under the influence of beer and jaeger! P.S. it looks FUNKY.

On the 4th, I got myself a much needed Sweetie J fix! She made the trek to my hood from her hood to join us for a greasy brunch! (See you tomorrow Sweetie J!). Blondie and I ended up hanging in GG Park for a bit, and then on our way back to the apartment, ran into our good friend "Kezar Pub" and "Kezar Pub" ended up bringing us way too much chicken wings and pitchers o' frothy goodness. Then it was home to poke at my blisters and watch the bestest Tv show ever: "I'll still love you when I'm 70, and you're 65 with the face of a 40 year old and the boobs of a 29 year old". You can't get enough Scrubs!

And now here I am. Back at work. Blogging. Wishing it was 6:30 pm already (who am I kidding, 6 pm already).

Hope everyone is doing well! Cheers.