Monday, July 16, 2007

Go Mississippi Queen! Go Wine Bag!

A HUGE GIANT SHOUT OUT TO MY MISSISSIPPI QUEEN! WC, a longtime friend and all around wonderful person, completed her first triathalon this weekend (and she smoked it)! Go WC! We are sooooo proud of you!

A not so huge giant shout to yours truly (aka Wine Bag). Blondie and I spent all weekend living it up in Healdsburg in a completely fabulous lodge on the Russian River. From lounging on the 2 level porch, to drinking wine with friends in wineries up and down Dry Creek Road, to chowing down on a fabulous grilled dinner, it was just a truly wonderful time. HOWEVER, the excess liquor I drank all weekend long, is starting to slowly ooze out my pores and probably if I was sweating, I could lick it and get drunk. Can you say potent?

po·tent –adjective
1. powerful; mighty: a potent fighting force.
Wine bag, that's a potent stench coming out your pores. What did you do this weekend? Bathe in booze?



Mississippi Queen You Know What I Mean said...

I wanna be a wine bag! I loves me some wine. Thanks for the triathlon kudos...but I wish I coulda been camping with you in Wine Country!

April said...

Sounds like a successful weekend! Wish we could have joined you guys. And yay to mississippi queen!