Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Inspired by Mr Pooh...

I went to the gym today.

Hold your applause.


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Super Pooh...

Mr Pooh ran his first half-marathon yesterday!!!! Congratulations Mr Pooh! You did an awesome job, and we are so happy for you!

Cray Cray Uncle: "Hey Kim. Show me your t*ts"
Random Man: "Sir! This is a family channel!"

Blondie and I went with my family a few years ago for a week to Havasu. While there, we toured all over Arizona including a trip to the Grand Canyon. We were in 2 cars for this trip, so there were walkie-talkies involved. Since my entire family is basically a giant bunch of 12 year olds (me included), it was extremely funny when my Cray Cray Uncle said into a walkie-talkie the above statement. It was even funnier when a random who happened to be on our same channel said the other above statement back.

And speaking of showing your t*ts, I'm taking a trip at the end of May to New Orleans with my mom and sis! I'm very excited about it, mostly b/c I've never been to New Orleans sober. So maybe this time, I'll actually remember what I've done.

I definitely am going to get my palm read, and take a voodoo tour. I'm also going to eat some beignets. Oh, and also, even though I'm going to remain sober, I'm still going to drink a hurricane.

Migration Week has ended!!!

My project went live last weekend, and we've spent this past week cleaning up what was left. I'm really happy the project is done (whew), and am MORE THAN READY to move on to whatever is next for me. I've already been contacted by the team I used to work with to see if I can help out on a project, and my boss has slated me for helping out on a project that would look awesome on my resume. Bring. It. On.

Happy Birthday Blondie!

Brother R and Shugs will be out in 2 weeks to help celebrate Blondie's birthday. We will be headed to Reno with some of our friends and gambling/drinking all weekend.

And congrats again to Mr Pooh.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

It's been awhile...

THE GOOD: RENO WAS A BLAST! Blondie and I had so much fun hanging out for our mini-break, we didn't even make it to Carson City b/c we didn't want to leave our casino. We rule. And then, on Sunday, when we were headed home, the pass over the Sierra Nevada's had closed down (snow), so we ended up turning around and staying another night in Reno. The best part was our room got comped. Can you tell we like to gamble?

THE BAD: Brother R is no longer working in San Jose. Sigh. I didn't realize how much I missed being around family (I miss them everyday of my life, but wasn't aware how much I miss them) until Brother R was here on a regular basis. Shugs gets him back for now, but hopefully there will be another project on his plate that will bring him back this way.

Blondie also made a trip back to The Land of Cheese to visit his family, celebrate his niece's 1-year birthday, and see his uncle get married. He'll have to fill everyone in on that trip.

While Blondie was gone, I enjoyed a weekend of debauchery. I met Party C and Miss HK on that Thursday to watch some NCAA games (congrats Mizzou!), and then headed to Berkeley on Saturday to hang with PC. She ended up coming back over Saturday night and we partied on Sunday all over the place.

This past weekend was also a good one - Blondie and I went to Sweetie J's for some most excellent food on Friday, before heading back to Haight with Party C and Dirty Sanchez to hang at our fav bar with our fav bartender. And I got back over to Berkeley on Sunday with my girls for brunch and a few beers in the sun.

This week is a draining one - I'm teaching training classes all week long, and it's a very tiring experience. I feel way worse than when I taught in grad school. Plus I'm coming down with some cold or sinus or something. It's knocking me on my ass.

We have some exciting plans coming up - my old boss is in the city today so I hopefully will get to meet her for a drink tonight, and then din din with Shelbs and Bbbb tomorrow night. I'm meeting my old Travelocity work group on Friday for some lunch - I'm looking forward to that as I haven't seen everyone in almost a year! We got a group together to go back to Reno in May for Blondie's birthday, including Brother R and Shugs. So many exciting things are on our table...