Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bad news...

About the same time Blondie got sick at Thanksgiving, the father of a good friend of mine from TX got sick with the exact same thing, but it wasn't able to get back under control. Her father is in critical condition, on life support, and they are all praying right now for a miracle. For religious peeps, please keep them in your prayers. For non-religious peeps, please keep them in your thoughts.

So-so news...

My work Xmas party is today. At 3 pm. That's right. Thursday, 3 pm. Hmmm...

Good news...

Bootcamp, in 3 weeks, has completely changed my body. All of the pants I've been wearing are loose, and my muffin-top is gone. Blondie has decided to join up with me for the January session, and I'm looking forward to having him suffer every morning with me. ;)


Friday, December 07, 2007


Happy 5 days late Birthday Shugs! Hope you had a great day!

You can kick my ass for the late wishes at Xmas time.


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Supa Star!

Pic taken by Brother R - an awesome photographer!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Feeling much better...

My body has adjusted to bootcamp somewhat, so the muscle pain has settled down to a dull roar. Of course, it was at a "F you Fattie McFattButt", so *anything* less is welcome.

For those who wonder exactly what happens at bootcamp, here is a description:
1) Run until you want to puke/pass out/kill yourself so that you don't have to run anymore.
2) Stop running and immediately jump into resistance band exercises or situps or pushups or lunges or crunches or a million other things that hurt.
3) As soon as you finish step #2, start running again. Run until you achieve how you felt in #1.
4) Repeat #2.
5) Repeat 1-4 x 1 hour.

All said and done though, OMG, bootcamp is the best. It's 1 hell of a workout, and I love my group and my instructor. The group and instructor are able to push me without pissing me off (this is HARD to accomplish), and I come home really really feeling like I've accomplished something.

Between bootcamp and Bikram, I have a feeling it's time to say goodbye to the gym.

Bye gym.