Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Feeling much better...

My body has adjusted to bootcamp somewhat, so the muscle pain has settled down to a dull roar. Of course, it was at a "F you Fattie McFattButt", so *anything* less is welcome.

For those who wonder exactly what happens at bootcamp, here is a description:
1) Run until you want to puke/pass out/kill yourself so that you don't have to run anymore.
2) Stop running and immediately jump into resistance band exercises or situps or pushups or lunges or crunches or a million other things that hurt.
3) As soon as you finish step #2, start running again. Run until you achieve how you felt in #1.
4) Repeat #2.
5) Repeat 1-4 x 1 hour.

All said and done though, OMG, bootcamp is the best. It's 1 hell of a workout, and I love my group and my instructor. The group and instructor are able to push me without pissing me off (this is HARD to accomplish), and I come home really really feeling like I've accomplished something.

Between bootcamp and Bikram, I have a feeling it's time to say goodbye to the gym.

Bye gym.


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