Monday, January 28, 2008

I've got nothing today...

So Blondie and I had an excellent weekend. I got to come home early on Friday (it was pouring down rain, and I had to work late, so I thought - F it, I'll work from home). We ended up lazing around in the evening, watching TV, and doing a lot of nothing.

Saturday is our sleep-in day (sleep-in day - just the sound of it gives me goose bumps). So we did exactly that. It was everything I dreamed it would be - literally. On Friday morning, I had a dream that it was Saturday and I didn't have to get out of bed - and then the alarm went off and ruined that buzz. So Saturday was off to a much better start than Friday.

Saturday afternoon we met up with the fabulous duo of Shelbs and Bbbb for a movie and dinner. The company was fabulous (seeing as how they are the fabulous duo, they are in fact, fabulous). The movie was hard to watch. And dinner was good.

Side note *** - I've always known my mom is a strong person, but after watching the movie (it had to do with coping with a parent with dementia), if that movie is representative of 1/100th of what my mom when through with her mom, then she's stronger than I ever imagined.
End side note ***

After our movie/dinner combination, we went to a friend's b-day party in Union Square. This friend has been to pastry chef school and had made a ton of mini-cupcakes. So even though we just had come from dinner, Blondie and I proceded to shove about 5 mini-cupcakes each in us. It was worth it.

Then it was off to NB to help dear Sweetie J ring in her 30's also! WELCOME TO MY DECADE PEOPLE!

Sunday Blondie and I hit Bikram for "Fun with Katie". It was horrendous.

BUT, we're both killing it at Bikram due to Bootcamp AND at Bootcamp due to Bikram.

Which leads us to today - I had a breakthrough last week with my running and did our entire run (50 mins or so) without stopping. I did it again today - according to my bootcamp instructor who does not give compliments (she's not mean, she just doesn't compliment), I ran it much faster today!!!! And Blondie went out with the Advanced group for his run and whalloped it too!

Today WILL be a good day.


Thursday, January 24, 2008


Seriously - go see the movie "No Country For Old Men". Now preferably. Gooooooooood.

It was so good, I had to draw the o's out in good. That's damn good.


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Just Because...

Things I Should Not Be Allowed To Do:
1) Drink coffee after 1 pm.
2) Tell everyone that it's going to be a Packers/Patriots SuperBowl this year.
3) And finally - be perfect. It's makes people mad.


Monday, January 14, 2008


Blondie and I have a joke that if we saw Brett Favre walking down the street, we'd both be pushing the other person out of the way in order to get to Brett first.

This was made even funnier b/c over the weekend, pre-Packers stomping the Seahawks, there was a Top 10 countdown on the pregame show and the topic was "Top 10 signs you know you are in Green Bay". One of the answers was "97% of women and 79% of men answer 'Brett Favre' to the question - Who are you most likely to cheat on your spouse with'".

Anyway, there really is no point to this except that PACKERS ARE NOW IN THE NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

When (not if people, when) they beat the Giants, they are going to the Super Bowl.

Go Brett! Go Green Bay!


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Las campos de boots...

It's amazing that after doing bootcamp for 4 weeks in Dec, and then taking 2 weeks off, I'm still SO FREAKING SORE after only 2 days. I mean, come on. What was the point of 4 weeks in Dec if I'm still SORE???

Although to be honest, when I was on week 4 of 4 in Dec, I still would come home crying from muscle pain somedays.

And it makes me feel better that Blondie, who is way more buff than me, is aching too today. Hahahahah. Of course, he's in the intermediate group and I'm beginner, but still.

The good news is I'm in the 95% percentile of people in how flexible I am. Bad news is I'm in the bottom 1% of people in how fast I can do a 1.5 mile timed run. I have news for you though: I'd much rather flex than run.



Monday, January 07, 2008

Just because...

Spider pig
Spider pig
Does whatever a spider pig does

Can he swing
from a web?
No he can't
because he's a pig

--Spider Pig Lover
A weekend needed to recover from my weekend...

Blondie and I have had a standard weekend layout that we've pretty much followed since Thanksgiving. That would be: 1) get up late; 2) move to TV; 3) watch TV; 4) get shower; 5) eat dinner; 6) watch more TV; 7) go to bed.

What I'm trying to say people, is, we are lazy.

But, but, but... this weekend we actually DID THINGS. It was amazing. I didn't realize so many people actually left their homes on Saturday.

We made it down to the mall on Saturday for lunch with Sweetie J and Party C, and then met up with CaryElwes for a movie. As Party C pointed out, it was like high school all over again - "dude, let's totally meet up at the mall and hang out." Then Party C and WB came up Saturday night and watched another movie.

On Sunday, we started our lazy day plan, but did get to meet up with Shelbs and Bbbb for some tasty dinner grub.

So yay. Yay. Blondie and I are not *that* lazy!

Other News:
1) The "storm" - a bad storm blew through the bay area on Friday. It was pretty nasty. There are toppled trees and broken branches all over the streets of our neighborhood. The worst part though was that we realized our umbrellas were worth C.R.A.P.
2) Blondie and I started up bootcamp this morning. Ugh.


Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Stealing ideas...

From Mrs Pooh. Aka, Wannabe Strawberry Picker.

Highlights of 2007:
1) Left the despised old job.
2) Started a new job, where I not only got Employee of the Quarter award, but also got my life back (aka NO OVERNIGHTS).
3) Blondie left his old job (not as despised as mine, but still).
4) "Ran" a half-marathon.
5) Started bootcamp (something I've always wanted to do).
6) Fell in love with Bikram.
7) Started making progress on changing Blondie and mine's lifestyle (desperately needed after the Thanskgiving incident).
8) Made the Cutest Kid in the World think I'm a knee-slapper. Of course, she won't remember me when I see her again, but baby steps people, baby steps.

The round-up...

2007 ended with a bang. From a wonderful weekend away hanging with friends in Tahoe (and Blondie learning he has mad snow-boarding skills), to visiting the fam across multiple states, we had a blast.

We got to tour Lambeau Field and actually go onto the field. We got to run out the tunnel the Packers run out for their home games. We got to sit in a luxury box (not while they were playing obviously).

We got my niece a baby Brett Favre jersey, and my 2 not-yet-born nieces baby Packers onesies. My niece hated the jersey. I believe her exact words when my brother put it on her were "no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no".

I got to see my fam-in-law for the first time in almost 1.5 years in Wisc (of course, they all came to visit in Sept except Mama G so that was good).

I got to see my fam in KY again, and terrorize my niece.

The Packers went 13-3 which is awesome and have a bye for the first week of playoffs. Watch out Cow'girls' - we are coming for you.

Plans for 2008:
1) Lose weight via boot camp. Yes, boot camp.
2) Get Blondie and I on a sensible eating plan (and remain on it), so that he doesn't get sick again.
3) Stop eating the chocolate that was left on my desk while I was on vacation. I'll start this goal after the chocolate is gone, which kind of defeats the point of the goal in the first place.
4) Get back to Wisc sometime to meet the 2 not-yet-born nieces.
5) Get back to KY sometime so that the Cutest Kid In The World doesn't keep forgetting me.
6) Spokane!