Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Stealing ideas...

From Mrs Pooh. Aka, Wannabe Strawberry Picker.

Highlights of 2007:
1) Left the despised old job.
2) Started a new job, where I not only got Employee of the Quarter award, but also got my life back (aka NO OVERNIGHTS).
3) Blondie left his old job (not as despised as mine, but still).
4) "Ran" a half-marathon.
5) Started bootcamp (something I've always wanted to do).
6) Fell in love with Bikram.
7) Started making progress on changing Blondie and mine's lifestyle (desperately needed after the Thanskgiving incident).
8) Made the Cutest Kid in the World think I'm a knee-slapper. Of course, she won't remember me when I see her again, but baby steps people, baby steps.


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Geoff & Holly said...

She hasn't forgot about you yet, she still refers to you as a knee-slapper. That's a good sign.