Monday, January 07, 2008

A weekend needed to recover from my weekend...

Blondie and I have had a standard weekend layout that we've pretty much followed since Thanksgiving. That would be: 1) get up late; 2) move to TV; 3) watch TV; 4) get shower; 5) eat dinner; 6) watch more TV; 7) go to bed.

What I'm trying to say people, is, we are lazy.

But, but, but... this weekend we actually DID THINGS. It was amazing. I didn't realize so many people actually left their homes on Saturday.

We made it down to the mall on Saturday for lunch with Sweetie J and Party C, and then met up with CaryElwes for a movie. As Party C pointed out, it was like high school all over again - "dude, let's totally meet up at the mall and hang out." Then Party C and WB came up Saturday night and watched another movie.

On Sunday, we started our lazy day plan, but did get to meet up with Shelbs and Bbbb for some tasty dinner grub.

So yay. Yay. Blondie and I are not *that* lazy!

Other News:
1) The "storm" - a bad storm blew through the bay area on Friday. It was pretty nasty. There are toppled trees and broken branches all over the streets of our neighborhood. The worst part though was that we realized our umbrellas were worth C.R.A.P.
2) Blondie and I started up bootcamp this morning. Ugh.


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