Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The round-up...

2007 ended with a bang. From a wonderful weekend away hanging with friends in Tahoe (and Blondie learning he has mad snow-boarding skills), to visiting the fam across multiple states, we had a blast.

We got to tour Lambeau Field and actually go onto the field. We got to run out the tunnel the Packers run out for their home games. We got to sit in a luxury box (not while they were playing obviously).

We got my niece a baby Brett Favre jersey, and my 2 not-yet-born nieces baby Packers onesies. My niece hated the jersey. I believe her exact words when my brother put it on her were "no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no".

I got to see my fam-in-law for the first time in almost 1.5 years in Wisc (of course, they all came to visit in Sept except Mama G so that was good).

I got to see my fam in KY again, and terrorize my niece.

The Packers went 13-3 which is awesome and have a bye for the first week of playoffs. Watch out Cow'girls' - we are coming for you.

Plans for 2008:
1) Lose weight via boot camp. Yes, boot camp.
2) Get Blondie and I on a sensible eating plan (and remain on it), so that he doesn't get sick again.
3) Stop eating the chocolate that was left on my desk while I was on vacation. I'll start this goal after the chocolate is gone, which kind of defeats the point of the goal in the first place.
4) Get back to Wisc sometime to meet the 2 not-yet-born nieces.
5) Get back to KY sometime so that the Cutest Kid In The World doesn't keep forgetting me.
6) Spokane!


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