Friday, November 30, 2007

Current pose...

I'm at work, slunk down in my chair with the keyboard pulled almost to my chin. I have a coworker's chair (he hasn't been sitting in our new space) pulled up to me, with my legs on it.

This is how I'm rolling today.

So, Bootcamp started on Monday, and I've never been in so much pain in my life.

Okay, that's not entirely true. I broke my left arm when I was a kid - that hurt worse. But not by much.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007




That's me today in case you were wondering.




That's my boot camp instructor today.


Monday, November 26, 2007

Catching you up...

So, what has happened since I last blogged... hmmm.... In order (I hope).
1) Yours Truly received the employee of the quarter award for her company. It's a total turn-about from the despised old job (but then again, my attitude is way better here than it was there).
2a) TEXAS! Yours Truly, Blondie and Slick hit FtW for one last weekend in our old stomping ground. We had a blast. It was so good seeing everyone, all my friends from the despised old job and all my friends from the job previous to that one. We hit our favorite bars, ate a lot of bad food, and in general, just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
2b) Blondie's last day at his job. Go Blondie!
3) Blondie got a little sick after our Texas trip, and ended up enjoying a few days respite in a hospital. He's fine now, but was not feeling so great last week.
4a) BIRTHDAY - Happy 4-day-late birthday bald pa!
4b) THANKSGIVING! We cancelled our Spokane trip b/c Blondie's health is way more important. We gave thanks on Thursday that Blondie got to come home, that the PACKERS WON, and that we have such good friends who checked in so frequently on how things were going.
5) MORE BIRTHDAYS - Happy 1-day-late birthday mom and TT! My best friend in the entire world and my mom share the same birthday - how funny is that?
6) BOOT CAMP! (I'm in a capital-words mood today). My boot camp class started today. It was thoroughly embarrassing (4 push ups, 30 sit ups, and 19:36 1.5 mile run), but I am very excited about it and thought everyone was so friendly and encouraging. When I was the last person to finish my 1.5 mile timed run, nobody ever was like "go faster", it was just "you go girl!" Woo hoo! Boot camp!


Friday, November 16, 2007

Project Runway!

If you don't love Heidi Klum, I can never be friends with you.

If I am already friends with you *and* I don't realize you don't love Heidi Klum, don't tell me.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yai yai yai!

I'm on a mission this week. An important one. One that involves, well, not doing much.

You might be asking yourself right now - isn't that an oxymoron? A mission of not doing anything. That's not possible, you might be saying.

You might be right. I'm too lazy to look up the definition of the word "mission", and besides, looking up the definition would be doing something, and that's against my mission. Regardless of what mission means.

I'm pretty psyched about my Texas trip on Friday. I can't wait to see everyone again. I'm doing a countdown in my head - it sounds like this "51 hours from now, my plane will be taking off". I annoy myself sometimes. Okay, a lot of the times.

Also, Friday for lunch, I'm meeting up with my old work group for lunch. So it's kind of fitting - seeing everyone I used to work with in SF around noon-time, and seeing everyone I used to work with in TX around dinner-time.

I'm also psyched about my big plans for Thursday night. I need to explain - I like to watch really really truly bad TV. I like it a LOT. Blondie does not. Blondie is out of town. So, I'm DVR'ing my shows this week, and plan to watch them with a pitcher of lemonade and gin (and maybe cookies) tomorrow night. The line-up includes: Nip/Tuck, America's Next Top Model, and OMG - PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!

So basically I have to survive today. It's smooth sailing after that.



Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Texas. Revisited.

So, Blondie flew out to TX yesterday morning to start his final week of work at his company. He has many plans for the week, which involve BBQ, fried chicken, poker, and beer. And saying goodbye to the job he has had for awhile.

My Blondie has always been a hard worker, and has in fact had a job since he was a kid in the Land o' Cheese (what a cute little newspaper-boy!) He is more than due some time to relax, kick back, and enjoy this incredible city we live in. I'm excited for him, but than that, I'm proud of him. This is his time now, and I can't wait to share in these upcoming months with him.

Yours Truly is flying in on Friday along with Slick from Chi-town to help Blondie, along with all his work-friends and old friends from TX, celebrate the end of this era.

Here's hoping Blondie is having a good week!!! And Blondie - your cat misses you!


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

All About "Chomp"...

Blondie and I have a code-word. We use it A LOT. If you've hung out with us for more than 30 minutes, we've probably said it at some point. That word is "Chomp".

I'm not sure how we came up with this word as our word, but we used to pretend take bites out of each other. I'm sure it came up as some form of that.

To me it means a lot of different things. I say it to Blondie instead of "I love you". If he makes me laugh, I tell him "Chomp". If I think he just looks really cute, I bust out with "Chomp your blonde head". He's about the same way. I admit. It's kind of sickening.

The whole point was that Blondie made my birthday weekend special and unique. He made it full of "Chomp".

Blondie met me on Friday night so that he could finally meet a good friend of mine from work. We all went for some drinks, before Blondie and I headed back to the hood to meet up with The Gang for more drinks.

Saturday, Blondie and I got up late, lazed around, and then finally headed into GG Park to see (how appropriate) "Chomp", a carnivorous plant show at the Conservatory of Flowers. We got to see Venus Fly Traps in addition to about 200 other plants that eat bugs for nutrients. It was such a nice day, and we did something we wouldn't normally do, which made it even better. After the park, Blondie and I caught the bus to outer Richmond district to get some sit-down Mexican food and margaritas. I had been complaining for about 2 months that all I wanted was this, so he finally took me to get me to shut up. ;)

Sunday, we met up with a friend of ours in Sunset and watched football ALL DAY LONG. We hit our favorite bar, where our favorite bartender was working, and literally drank and watched football for about 8 hours solid. GO PACK!

So thanks to Blondie and all my friends who gave me a great weekend.



Friday, November 02, 2007