Monday, November 26, 2007

Catching you up...

So, what has happened since I last blogged... hmmm.... In order (I hope).
1) Yours Truly received the employee of the quarter award for her company. It's a total turn-about from the despised old job (but then again, my attitude is way better here than it was there).
2a) TEXAS! Yours Truly, Blondie and Slick hit FtW for one last weekend in our old stomping ground. We had a blast. It was so good seeing everyone, all my friends from the despised old job and all my friends from the job previous to that one. We hit our favorite bars, ate a lot of bad food, and in general, just thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
2b) Blondie's last day at his job. Go Blondie!
3) Blondie got a little sick after our Texas trip, and ended up enjoying a few days respite in a hospital. He's fine now, but was not feeling so great last week.
4a) BIRTHDAY - Happy 4-day-late birthday bald pa!
4b) THANKSGIVING! We cancelled our Spokane trip b/c Blondie's health is way more important. We gave thanks on Thursday that Blondie got to come home, that the PACKERS WON, and that we have such good friends who checked in so frequently on how things were going.
5) MORE BIRTHDAYS - Happy 1-day-late birthday mom and TT! My best friend in the entire world and my mom share the same birthday - how funny is that?
6) BOOT CAMP! (I'm in a capital-words mood today). My boot camp class started today. It was thoroughly embarrassing (4 push ups, 30 sit ups, and 19:36 1.5 mile run), but I am very excited about it and thought everyone was so friendly and encouraging. When I was the last person to finish my 1.5 mile timed run, nobody ever was like "go faster", it was just "you go girl!" Woo hoo! Boot camp!


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