Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Texas. Revisited.

So, Blondie flew out to TX yesterday morning to start his final week of work at his company. He has many plans for the week, which involve BBQ, fried chicken, poker, and beer. And saying goodbye to the job he has had for awhile.

My Blondie has always been a hard worker, and has in fact had a job since he was a kid in the Land o' Cheese (what a cute little newspaper-boy!) He is more than due some time to relax, kick back, and enjoy this incredible city we live in. I'm excited for him, but than that, I'm proud of him. This is his time now, and I can't wait to share in these upcoming months with him.

Yours Truly is flying in on Friday along with Slick from Chi-town to help Blondie, along with all his work-friends and old friends from TX, celebrate the end of this era.

Here's hoping Blondie is having a good week!!! And Blondie - your cat misses you!


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