Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Yai yai yai!

I'm on a mission this week. An important one. One that involves, well, not doing much.

You might be asking yourself right now - isn't that an oxymoron? A mission of not doing anything. That's not possible, you might be saying.

You might be right. I'm too lazy to look up the definition of the word "mission", and besides, looking up the definition would be doing something, and that's against my mission. Regardless of what mission means.

I'm pretty psyched about my Texas trip on Friday. I can't wait to see everyone again. I'm doing a countdown in my head - it sounds like this "51 hours from now, my plane will be taking off". I annoy myself sometimes. Okay, a lot of the times.

Also, Friday for lunch, I'm meeting up with my old work group for lunch. So it's kind of fitting - seeing everyone I used to work with in SF around noon-time, and seeing everyone I used to work with in TX around dinner-time.

I'm also psyched about my big plans for Thursday night. I need to explain - I like to watch really really truly bad TV. I like it a LOT. Blondie does not. Blondie is out of town. So, I'm DVR'ing my shows this week, and plan to watch them with a pitcher of lemonade and gin (and maybe cookies) tomorrow night. The line-up includes: Nip/Tuck, America's Next Top Model, and OMG - PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!

So basically I have to survive today. It's smooth sailing after that.



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