Monday, September 29, 2008

5 year anniversaries, work changes, brand new babies, and a whole new brother...

Well, the important thing is that Blondie and I hit our 5 year anniversary (non legal anniversary) on Saturday! We went through a lot to get where we are today, and I reflect everyday on how lucky I am that Blondie stuck it out with me. I love my Blondie, and my life without him in it wouldn't be nearly as fulfilling (or fun for that matter).


We spent the day doing things that only Blondie and I would love - we went to 1 of our favorite restaurants and sat in the sun for lunch - we enjoyed heavy meals and some sangria, before walking over to our favorite bar and settling in for an afternoon of MLB and college football! After that, it was SUSHI time for dinner, and then (literally) a 6:30 pm bedtime. All in all, a day you cannot beat.

Work changes = some things have gone down at work, and I've received a job offer within the company but reporting up a different chain. I think this new position will look really nice on my resume, and it will give me a lot more technical experience in terms of scripting, version control conversion, etc. I had to tell my management chain today about it, and it didn't go as well as I hoped (i.e. they said they won't fight the move, but that they also won't sign anything letting me go right now). But I do need a change, and I think this will work out in the end.

Brand new baby = it's official! The Most Bad-Ass Mississippi Queen is now a MILF! Congrats to the fabulous WC and her new girl Baby Acey.

Whole new brother = I'm so proud of my brother!!! He does amazing things. He has dropped 60 lbs in the past 90 days! Go Mr Pooh! Check out the Pooh's blog (link on the page) to hear the whole story!


Monday, September 22, 2008

I saw a hairy comedian...

Sooooooo, I managed to snag Blondie and me tickets to see Robin Williams last Monday (a week ago today). He lives in Marin - across the GGB from SF - and has been gearing up for a new tour, so he has been testing out his material.

Blondie and I got to the club super early to get in line so we could get a good seat, and while we were waiting in line, RW pulled up in his car outside the club! He literally was about 10 ft from us, messing around in the trunk of his car! I squealed like a total wuss, but Blondie kept his cool - so at least one of us didn't look like a total ass.

We ended up getting SUPER seats in the club for the show, and it turned out that RW stood directly over our table doing his bit for about 90% of the show. And let me tell you - this man is insane. He was all over the place, sweating, doing dances, spitting. Unfortunately, the sweating and spitting part happened a LOT and it didn't matter that he was literally close enough for me to touch - we got nailed by RW fluids.

BUT, the show was totally worth it. I laughed so hard my sides ached. And it was cool to be able to add him to my "Celebrity Sighting List":
1) Blue from Old School - RIP.
2) T.Flo.
3) Dave Chapelle
4) RW!

This past weekend was killer - I got called at 7:45 am yesterday morning for work, and spent most of the day trying to track down people to do things, or doing things myself (for work). I'm ready for another weekend, and I've still got 4 days to go!


Monday, September 15, 2008



Shelbs, Bbbb, Blondie and I had a GH playoff, and after too much vodka, I decided to give the hard level a whirl. I beat the first song I tried!

Woot! Expert level, I'm coming for you!


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vacation all I ever wanted...

It's been awhile, b/c as usual, it's been busy. As usual.

So, vacation was a BLAST! We left the city on Thurs and flew to Spokane. I knew it was going to be a good trip, when on our flight from Portland to Spokane, our airline (hugs and kisses Horizon Air!) offered complimentary beer and wine! Helllllllo wine.

Spokane was beautiful and it was so good seeing mom and sis, and my cray cray uncle and aunt! We spent all of our time going back and forth between northern Idaho and Spokane. Couer d'Alene was beautiful, and I was independently wealthy, that's where I'd live. We did a "Pig Out in the Park" and enjoyed beautiful weather, a boat ride around Couer d'Alene, and a seaplane tour. I had a moment of "WTF" when it hit me that I was sitting in a brewery in northern Idaho, about 30 miles from the Canadian border, watching the UCBerkeley game.

We left Spokane on Sunday and flew back to SF to repack. On Monday we flew to Vegas. We also flew the Best.Airline.Ever. Virgin America is worth every penny you'd spend on it. We even upgraded to first class for our flights! Virgin America has personal TV's with every seat, and we spent our time watching movies, music videos, and playing video games.

Vegas was as always, the best time! We took in a Blue Man Group show, and an improv show. We spent 12 hours at the exact same craps table, at the exact same spots. We watched the fountains at Bellagio. We drank beer in the sun on the patio. Blondie told me I was the best wife ever - this was because we had just had our butts handed to us at blackjack and I was still laughing and drinking beer. :) I had a fabulous pedicure at the spa.

We left Vegas on Thurs and drove down to Sedona. OMG. We've been to Sedona before, but I forgot how beautiful that area is. We checked into our hotel and were upgraded 2 levels to a creek side cottage. I would've moved into the bathroom in that cottage and been fine. While in Sedona, we visited 2 different energy vortexes and took a helicopter tour over the red rock area. When the woman working at the helicopter tour place found out it was almost our 5 year anniversary, she gave us a 10% discount. We spent a lazy afternoon laying by the pool, before going over for complimentary beer and wine and cheese in the lobby of our hotel. We also spent an evening with an astronomer who had a giant telescope and did free astronomy lessons in the parking lot. For those who haven't been to Sedona, you can see forever out there, and with the telescope, we could even see Jupiter and it's moons!

It was good getting home though - I missed my buddies, and it felt good to crash and watch some football that Sunday. GO JETS! GO PACK!

Robin Williams (he lives in SF) did a comedy routine at one of the comedy clubs in town this past week, and Blondie went with Party C to take it in. He loved it. I was a bit bummed about not being able to go, but was also glad to be able to just crash on the couch and watch bad TV. Then, this past Friday night, I got email that Robin Williams was back, so Blondie and I are going tomorrow night to see the show!!! I can't wait!

Work was insane first week back. I'm ready to look about switching positions at my job, and have 2 in mind. One would involve a move (if everything came through), and one would still be at the SF office.

Our 5 year anniversary is coming up, and Blondie and I are thinking about visiting NYC for a week! I can work from our sister company's office while there, so I wouldn't use any vacation time, and then Blondie and I could still take in the city. And, ahem, Virgin America flies there.