Monday, September 22, 2008

I saw a hairy comedian...

Sooooooo, I managed to snag Blondie and me tickets to see Robin Williams last Monday (a week ago today). He lives in Marin - across the GGB from SF - and has been gearing up for a new tour, so he has been testing out his material.

Blondie and I got to the club super early to get in line so we could get a good seat, and while we were waiting in line, RW pulled up in his car outside the club! He literally was about 10 ft from us, messing around in the trunk of his car! I squealed like a total wuss, but Blondie kept his cool - so at least one of us didn't look like a total ass.

We ended up getting SUPER seats in the club for the show, and it turned out that RW stood directly over our table doing his bit for about 90% of the show. And let me tell you - this man is insane. He was all over the place, sweating, doing dances, spitting. Unfortunately, the sweating and spitting part happened a LOT and it didn't matter that he was literally close enough for me to touch - we got nailed by RW fluids.

BUT, the show was totally worth it. I laughed so hard my sides ached. And it was cool to be able to add him to my "Celebrity Sighting List":
1) Blue from Old School - RIP.
2) T.Flo.
3) Dave Chapelle
4) RW!

This past weekend was killer - I got called at 7:45 am yesterday morning for work, and spent most of the day trying to track down people to do things, or doing things myself (for work). I'm ready for another weekend, and I've still got 4 days to go!


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