Monday, April 28, 2008

Red is not my color...

So, again, SF was hit with a wave of summer this weekend. As gorgeous as it was 2 weekends ago, it was about 10 times better this weekend. It looks like it's shaping up outside to be another beautiful day. And poor Blondie is in Land of Cheese, where the weather was not cooperating. Sigh. Poor Blondie.

I met up with my running partner (RP) on Saturday morning for a jaunt through GG Park. I wore my running pants (they come to just below my knees) and a short sleeved t-shirt, and was *sweating* by the time I got there. Which wouldn't be such a big deal, but it's only a mile walk and it's all downhill. We did 4.22 miles and we made pretty good time. I was pretty happy about how well we did.

After I got back from the run, I did a bit of work and then I had the most wonderful Saturday ever. I know you are thinking "wow, what did she do??? she must've done something fabulous!" and I'm here to tell you - it's true, I did do something fabulous. I opened up the windows in the apartment, laid down on the couch, and didn't move for the next 12 hours.

Sunday I ended up working for several hours in the morning, and then drug my lazy ass down the hill to the gym and over to the grocery after. I was starting my routine from the day before when Shelbs called. We ended up going out to Pacifica and crashing out on the beach for awhile. Which leads to the title of the post - I ended up lying on my stomach most of the time, and the back of my legs and shoulders are FRIED. And they HURT. People - I look ridiculous. Luckily, the burns are in places I can cover up, but I know what I look like underneath my clothes (thank your lucky stars *for whatever reasons* that you don't know that feeling).

Today was running day in bootcamp and I rocked it out. I actually got sent with the fast part of the beginner's group for a much longer run than the other half - this is the first time that has happened. I even managed to keep up with them. Of course, they chatted they entire time and I kind of panted in their direction, but hey, I did it!!!


Friday, April 25, 2008


It's my boss' last day at work today. I'm really going to miss her - she is flaky, and kooky, and a bit weird, but she is also (it took me a few months to get it) smart, opinionated, and fiercely loyal. I'm going to miss her.

The week has been pretty low key. Blondie flew out on Wed to the Land of Cheese to visit his fam, and meet his 2 nieces for the first time. We are already having "Cutest Kid in the World" wars.

I've been busy working my ass off, and working out. I have plans this weekend to do NOTHING. I have to do some minor grocery shopping, and maybe a run tomorrow, but other than that, I'm sleeping, watching bad TV, and reading. Maybe I'll take a bubble bath.


Friday, April 18, 2008

1 day early...

But tomorrow my favorite Shelbs in the world gets 1 year older.

Happy Birthday Shelby Shelbs!!!! It seems like only yesterday I was getting scary emails from you that said "I can see you through the crack".

And I'll leave the rest of the you to wonder what she was talking about (i.e. what we were smoking).


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ready for summer...

SF went into premature summertime this past weekend. It was insanely beautiful. I wore shorts for the first time in 1.5 years and actually sweated even with those on. Of course, I sweat anyway - I sweat when it's 10 degrees outside - but this was actual sweat caused by the sun!

I got stuck working the release from hell this past weekend so Blondie and I just took it easy on Friday night. Saturday, we drove out to the beach and crashed for a few hours. My allergies - as I've mentioned - suck, and so as soon as we dropped our blanket on the sand, I crawled onto it and fell asleep. And woke up with the most glorious farmer's tan (red lower arms, white upper arms) that you've seen in awhile.

After our beach-capade, we headed over to the NV to meet up with Shelbs and Bbbb for a late lunch/early dinner and to check out their new car! It was very good catching up with them, and wish we could've stayed longer, but I had a hot date with a bag of Swedish Fish.

Sunday, we hit the gym (in shorts) and the grocery, and then came back home so I could work all afternoon. It ended up being a good thing, b/c about 2 pm, the wind and clouds came rolling in and bye bye to summer.

My boss turned in her 2 week notice on Monday - this was a sad day for me. I'm very worried about how the job is going to go without her there (I don't think it's going to go well at all). We went out for drinks last night, to just chat about how things were going to be. I skipped dinner b/c Blondie had met me for a big lunch, and well, no regular drinking anymore + 3 beers + no dinner made for a really grouchy, upset stomachy Yours Truly this morning.

I took it out on the hills today (it's hill day in bootcamp - which means exactly that, you run a lot of hills) and am feeling much better now. Now if only I could shake this craving for pizza...


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My day thus far... Or, this is not a joke.

1) Waiting on my bus today (my train had delays this morning and it showed with the 19 minute wait predicted when I got to my stop), crossing the street, a gentleman in polka dot shorts, striped shirt, suspenders and a jaunty green cap.

2) STILL waiting on my bus (and I only waited 5 mins for my bus), a gentleman (of the night maybe) also crossing the street wearing a white suit, white shoes, a white hat, and leopard print fur jacket down to his knees and walking with a cane.

3) After I got downtown, a "something" dressed in bright blue crocs, purple muumuu, with tattoos all over his bald head of curls. That's right. Someone tattoo'ed his head with curls. Green curls.

I feel like shit today too - I'm exhausted and my allergies are rocking - so now I'm sitting here wondering if I hallucinated the entire morning. But I know I didn't.

Yay for SF!


Monday, April 07, 2008

Faster than a speeding bullet...

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's BLONDIE!!! Blondie rocked out his 10K this past weekend, and did it in 57:02, which is amazing considering the first 2.5 miles were uphill. The race took us over the GG Bridge, which is actually not flat. No sirree. It's uphill and downhill x 2 (we ran over and back). Anyway, this is an amazing time, and I'm so happy for Blondie!

I did mine in 1:22:45, which is okay. I'm content with it. I had pulled a muscle in my right inner thigh last Thurs while working out with the advanced group, and I was still having a serious problem with it yesterday, so I feel quite happy with how I did. Not only did I come out knowing I was not feeling right, I also knocked off 6.2 miles. Now of course, if I could do it as fast as Blondie.... ;)

The rest of the weekend was incredibly lame. I've also been fighting allergies and have been taking Claritin - it's supposed to be non-drowsy, but I swear they spike it with Morphine. I pop a pill and 30 minutes later I'm drooling I'm so out of it. So the time not spent running (or grocery shopping) was spent sleeping. I'm sure Blondie loved that!

Plans for the week include:
1) Lunch with Blondie today! He's downtown doing a resume writing class and is meeting me afterwards for grubbity grub.
2) NCAA final game tonight (go Memphis I guess - I don't really care at this point about who wins, but just want to watch it).
3) Drinks with Sweetie J, Party C, and Blondie tomorrow night. It's been a long time since I've seen Sweetie J, and am excited to catch up with her.
4) Bootcamp new session started today. Between my 10K yesterday and my stupid inner thigh problem (how tacky is that), it sucked this morning. But that's okay - I still loved it even though it sucked.


Friday, April 04, 2008

No excuses...

This week was our week in between bootcamp sessions - I think they add in a week off every so often to give their trainers a vacation (well deserved vacation). Anyway, for those who don't want to take off, they hold a "No Excuses" week, and instead of having 3 different levels of classes, everyone works out together.

I know myself, and I knew that if I didn't do this week with bootcamp, I would get absolutely 0 exercise in. So I joined up. And worked out all week with the advanced trainer. And am 100% sorer today than I've been since I started bootcamp. It's insane. We did exercises I've never done, we ran further and faster than I have done in awhile, we worked ourselves to the point of exhaustion (the trainer actually said today that working out is the one area you want to fail at - muscle failure that is).

So yeah. If the beginner group was as intense as the advanced group, I'd lose 50 lbs in 3 weeks I swear. However, after this week, I also recognize that I'm in no way, shape or form, ready to move out of my group yet.

Holy crap people. I hurt.

Last night Blondie and I made it out with one of the guys who works out in Blondie's group - we went with him and his wife for dinner, and had a really good time. I made it out past 8:30 (which is my standard bed time anymore), so that had to count for something.

On Fridays, with work, I have to actually go into the store to do part of my job. The path that I take through the store is always right by the Bare Escentuals counter, and it's always crowded. I keep thinking, since Mrs Pooh loves Bare Escentuals so much, that I should at least check it out, but everytime I'm in there, there are too many people so I always skip it. Today it was dead empty and one of the women working there was like "Hey! You should come over and let me do a makeover on you!" So yeah. I got myself a makeover. And then I bought all the stuff she used on me.

My skin looks freaking fantastic though.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've got nothing today...

So here are just random thoughts from my head. Yay.

Most important of all - Blondie has been seeing his doctor consistently since the Thanksgiving incident. He had a follow up appt yesterday, and it went EXTREMELY well. His cholesterol and triglycerides have *considerably* dropped since last time. His blood pressure is back to normal, and his weight has dropped a lot also. Blondie did this all in 6 weeks!!!! GOOOOO Blondie!

I started up a 2 day a week "bootcamp" with some of the women in the 6 am class. We are working out Wednesday at 6 am (sob) and either Saturday or Sunday, in addition to the normal bootcamp. Today was my first day meeting them - we are doing this b/c we are all training for a half or full marathon. I had such a good time that I even forgot I had gotten up at 5! We did a lot of sprints (1.75 miles total, half of which was sprinting) and push-ups/dips (this was at Kezar so we did these up and down the bleachers). They ran the Nike Half last year also, but did their race 30 minutes faster than mine, so I know that training with them will 100% get me a better time for my half this year!

They also talked me (and subsequently Blondie) into running the Presidio 10K this Sunday. We start out on Crissy Field and run along the water and into the Presidio, UP UP UP and over the GG Bridge and back, and then back down to the starting point. I'm a bit nervous - I did a 6.2 mile run this past Sunday in about 1:16, so I'm hoping that I can mimic that time, but I know the hills are going to be a lot steeper for this course.

After the race though, is FREE FOOD and FREE BOOZE (not that the free booze matters anymore), but damn. I saw "pancakes" on the website, and thought "well F me, I guess I'm registering". Pancakes. OMG. This reminds me of when I used to do the Run to Joe's in FtW for the free beer and mexican food they had after.

Yep, that's me. No matter what I do, I've still got food on the brain.

Thankfully pancakes are vegetarian.