Friday, April 04, 2008

No excuses...

This week was our week in between bootcamp sessions - I think they add in a week off every so often to give their trainers a vacation (well deserved vacation). Anyway, for those who don't want to take off, they hold a "No Excuses" week, and instead of having 3 different levels of classes, everyone works out together.

I know myself, and I knew that if I didn't do this week with bootcamp, I would get absolutely 0 exercise in. So I joined up. And worked out all week with the advanced trainer. And am 100% sorer today than I've been since I started bootcamp. It's insane. We did exercises I've never done, we ran further and faster than I have done in awhile, we worked ourselves to the point of exhaustion (the trainer actually said today that working out is the one area you want to fail at - muscle failure that is).

So yeah. If the beginner group was as intense as the advanced group, I'd lose 50 lbs in 3 weeks I swear. However, after this week, I also recognize that I'm in no way, shape or form, ready to move out of my group yet.

Holy crap people. I hurt.

Last night Blondie and I made it out with one of the guys who works out in Blondie's group - we went with him and his wife for dinner, and had a really good time. I made it out past 8:30 (which is my standard bed time anymore), so that had to count for something.

On Fridays, with work, I have to actually go into the store to do part of my job. The path that I take through the store is always right by the Bare Escentuals counter, and it's always crowded. I keep thinking, since Mrs Pooh loves Bare Escentuals so much, that I should at least check it out, but everytime I'm in there, there are too many people so I always skip it. Today it was dead empty and one of the women working there was like "Hey! You should come over and let me do a makeover on you!" So yeah. I got myself a makeover. And then I bought all the stuff she used on me.

My skin looks freaking fantastic though.



Geoff & Holly said...

I have finally converted you!!! It's amazing stuff and I promise you will never use anything else, ever again.

-Thirteen year old girl

April said...

yay! another bare escentuals convert!!