Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My day thus far... Or, this is not a joke.

1) Waiting on my bus today (my train had delays this morning and it showed with the 19 minute wait predicted when I got to my stop), crossing the street, a gentleman in polka dot shorts, striped shirt, suspenders and a jaunty green cap.

2) STILL waiting on my bus (and I only waited 5 mins for my bus), a gentleman (of the night maybe) also crossing the street wearing a white suit, white shoes, a white hat, and leopard print fur jacket down to his knees and walking with a cane.

3) After I got downtown, a "something" dressed in bright blue crocs, purple muumuu, with tattoos all over his bald head of curls. That's right. Someone tattoo'ed his head with curls. Green curls.

I feel like shit today too - I'm exhausted and my allergies are rocking - so now I'm sitting here wondering if I hallucinated the entire morning. But I know I didn't.

Yay for SF!


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