Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've got nothing today...

So here are just random thoughts from my head. Yay.

Most important of all - Blondie has been seeing his doctor consistently since the Thanksgiving incident. He had a follow up appt yesterday, and it went EXTREMELY well. His cholesterol and triglycerides have *considerably* dropped since last time. His blood pressure is back to normal, and his weight has dropped a lot also. Blondie did this all in 6 weeks!!!! GOOOOO Blondie!

I started up a 2 day a week "bootcamp" with some of the women in the 6 am class. We are working out Wednesday at 6 am (sob) and either Saturday or Sunday, in addition to the normal bootcamp. Today was my first day meeting them - we are doing this b/c we are all training for a half or full marathon. I had such a good time that I even forgot I had gotten up at 5! We did a lot of sprints (1.75 miles total, half of which was sprinting) and push-ups/dips (this was at Kezar so we did these up and down the bleachers). They ran the Nike Half last year also, but did their race 30 minutes faster than mine, so I know that training with them will 100% get me a better time for my half this year!

They also talked me (and subsequently Blondie) into running the Presidio 10K this Sunday. We start out on Crissy Field and run along the water and into the Presidio, UP UP UP and over the GG Bridge and back, and then back down to the starting point. I'm a bit nervous - I did a 6.2 mile run this past Sunday in about 1:16, so I'm hoping that I can mimic that time, but I know the hills are going to be a lot steeper for this course.

After the race though, is FREE FOOD and FREE BOOZE (not that the free booze matters anymore), but damn. I saw "pancakes" on the website, and thought "well F me, I guess I'm registering". Pancakes. OMG. This reminds me of when I used to do the Run to Joe's in FtW for the free beer and mexican food they had after.

Yep, that's me. No matter what I do, I've still got food on the brain.

Thankfully pancakes are vegetarian.


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Geoff & Holly said...

you know... to make pancakes... they must first slap a cow.

-THE mr. pooh