Friday, April 25, 2008


It's my boss' last day at work today. I'm really going to miss her - she is flaky, and kooky, and a bit weird, but she is also (it took me a few months to get it) smart, opinionated, and fiercely loyal. I'm going to miss her.

The week has been pretty low key. Blondie flew out on Wed to the Land of Cheese to visit his fam, and meet his 2 nieces for the first time. We are already having "Cutest Kid in the World" wars.

I've been busy working my ass off, and working out. I have plans this weekend to do NOTHING. I have to do some minor grocery shopping, and maybe a run tomorrow, but other than that, I'm sleeping, watching bad TV, and reading. Maybe I'll take a bubble bath.


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