Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ready for summer...

SF went into premature summertime this past weekend. It was insanely beautiful. I wore shorts for the first time in 1.5 years and actually sweated even with those on. Of course, I sweat anyway - I sweat when it's 10 degrees outside - but this was actual sweat caused by the sun!

I got stuck working the release from hell this past weekend so Blondie and I just took it easy on Friday night. Saturday, we drove out to the beach and crashed for a few hours. My allergies - as I've mentioned - suck, and so as soon as we dropped our blanket on the sand, I crawled onto it and fell asleep. And woke up with the most glorious farmer's tan (red lower arms, white upper arms) that you've seen in awhile.

After our beach-capade, we headed over to the NV to meet up with Shelbs and Bbbb for a late lunch/early dinner and to check out their new car! It was very good catching up with them, and wish we could've stayed longer, but I had a hot date with a bag of Swedish Fish.

Sunday, we hit the gym (in shorts) and the grocery, and then came back home so I could work all afternoon. It ended up being a good thing, b/c about 2 pm, the wind and clouds came rolling in and bye bye to summer.

My boss turned in her 2 week notice on Monday - this was a sad day for me. I'm very worried about how the job is going to go without her there (I don't think it's going to go well at all). We went out for drinks last night, to just chat about how things were going to be. I skipped dinner b/c Blondie had met me for a big lunch, and well, no regular drinking anymore + 3 beers + no dinner made for a really grouchy, upset stomachy Yours Truly this morning.

I took it out on the hills today (it's hill day in bootcamp - which means exactly that, you run a lot of hills) and am feeling much better now. Now if only I could shake this craving for pizza...


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