Friday, September 29, 2006

My car is sold. The Eclipse now belongs to someone else. And I miss it. Even though I thought I wouldn't. Ahhh, the good memories are flooding back - the time I rammed it into our gate, the time(s) I rammed it into the roof over our parking spot at Firestone, the time that lady rammed me, the time(sssss) I rammed it into concrete bumpers in parking lots.

Eclipse - you were a good car. You were my first new car. And even though you couldn't wait 3 more months to blow your clutch, I still love you. Take care of the new guy. He'll be nicer to you than I ever was!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Our 3 year anniversary is today (for those who weren't aware). Actually, it's our 3 year 'non-legal' anniversary (the official one is 10/10 - yay, 2 times to celebrate!) Here's to my blondie - he's my chompers all the way! CHOMP!

Babe - can you get me a dougnut with sprinkles? Babe, doughnut with sprinkles?

and I *suppose* I'll get some pizza with you tonight ;)

The words of a couple have a mysterious way
of replacing those that should be used every day.
Words and phrases which are common to some
are replaced with those that are known just by one.
Hot-buns, Sweet Girl, and of course Skinny-butt,
all are the names for my favorite
girl who is beautiful, sexy, and bright,
gorgeous, caring, and my shining light.
All to often I limit the words that I say
to the same old clich├ęs that I use every day.
The lack of assortment in my daily speech
by no way diminishes the love felt in each
day that I'm with her, right by her side,
as of 3 years, my beautiful bride.
It's been a whirlwind, this time that we spent
filled with lots of memories that all will cement
this marriage together that will last through the years,
we'll grow old together and drink lots of beers!
So "Good night my sweet girl", and "I CHOMP you too!"
and all of the words, that mean "I love you".

Happy Anniversary!

Monday, September 25, 2006

I'd like to acknowledge the coolest people I've met in a long time - Tony, Crystal, Joe(y), and Colin - whoa.
And I'd like to acknowledge the best idea I've heard in a long time - Tony with the Taco Bell run.

In other news, the house is now on the market:
It's pretty when it's clean. Kind of like my car. I might have to try that in my apartment in San Fran. Keeping it clean and stuff. It's a new idea, but it might suit me.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wisconsin + beer = bad news.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Random thoughts b/c I'm at work and I'm bored. As usual.

1) A trained monkey really and truly could do my basic job. It's a fact and it's sad.
2) If I wash my car or sign up for a race, it will rain. It's a fact. It's also sad.
3) My brother and his wife produced the most adorable kid ever. It's a fact, and it's not sad.
4) Hawaii kicks all other states butts. It's an opinion, and the only thing sad about it is that I'm not in Hawaii.
5) I wish I was in Hawaii. It's a fact.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Is this really happening?

I'm having a bit of a panic attack at the moment. While we've *known* we were going to San Francisco since June, it hasn't felt real. To be honest, it still doesn't feel real, yet for some reason we are now in possession of 2 plane tickets which will take me to my new home. Shaun will be coming out to help find an apartment, and then heading back to DFW to enjoy a few weeks on his own in the house with the cats (ha ha - sucker). He'll be getting things in order for the movers, and then joining me in our new home.

Logistics: new doctors, new vets, new office building (which will steal my soul I'm told), new commute entirely (is working from home full-time an option???), new airport, new groceries, listening to Max howl until he gets used to the apartment, new apartment, new you name it. How did I ever do this before?

On the plus side - WINE COUNTRY. OCEAN. Running outside year-round. Killer seafood. Killer beer. Stumbling distance back from bar(s). No more getting in my car to drive 3 blocks, b/c they actually believe in sidewalks in San Fran (get a clue Dallas).

Anybody want a car? - it's pretty when it's not green (aka dirty)

See you all on the west coast.