Saturday, February 20, 2010


I didn't cry when I left work on my last day. But I did cry when I saw Blondie for the first time after that. But then we headed over to the California Academy of Sciences in the GGP, and that totally righted my mood.
OMG, has it been awhile or what???

Hi from NYC!!!! I'm glad to announce we made it safe and sound, with the cats in tow. They've adjusted rather nicely (shockingly so), and both LOVE to sit on the wide windowsills we have and look out the windows. We laugh about them to be honest, because it seems that Max has really taken to the apartment here and the street noise doesn't bother him so he's a New Yorker. Tigga on the other hand seems kind of stressed, like he doesn't have enough room, so we call him the Texan.

We've done a lot of everything since we've been here - we've been exploring the city on a regular basis, eating out and hitting up our local bars, and just enjoying what we've got right in front of us right now.

In other news, TCKITWv5.0 was born about 3 weeks ago! She's a serious cutie, and she also has a lot of hair! AND, it's been announced that TCKITWv6.0 and TCKITWv7.0 (Blondie's brothers and their wives) are due in August and September respectively (10 days apart). I'm rooting for 2 more girls, b/c at this point, it's just funny that it's all nieces.

I've started my new job and it's really stressful to be honest. It's a job I've never done in the past, and I'm trying to get my feet underneath me, and not screw this up too bad. I've only been there 2 weeks, with 2 days off (President's Day, orientation day), and 2 half days (snow day, half day on Friday prior to President's Day) so I'm trying not to beat myself up too bad that I'm kind of floundering. But still, I feel like an ass that I'm struggling. It's a weird position to be in.

We are off to Austin next weekend for the wedding of Shelbs and Bbbb! We are so excited for them, and wish them a lifetime of happiness! Hopefully Austin will be warmer than NYC.

Yes, the weather here sucks. I enjoyed the snow the first time, but now I'm ready for warmer weather. OMG. Really ready.

Plans today - we are going to try and hit up the local Farmer's Market, and then maybe see Mary Poppins. We also have tickets to a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden on Monday night - which will totally rule. They are playing the Bucs (Milwaukee) and we both are really excited about it.

Right now though, I need to get a shower.