Friday, March 28, 2008

Run test!!!!

I did the 1.5 mile timed run test in 17:04 (23 secs less than last time). I'm quite pleased, especially since we didn't run the test in our normal spot. Usually, we hit Kezar stadium and do 6 laps around it for 1.5 miles - nice, flat, paved, smooth Kezar stadium.

Today we hit Stowe Lake - and ran around the island in the middle. On dirt trails, with roots sticking out, rocks sticking out, dodging squirrels (no freaking joke) and dogs, and old men playing "dirt golf" (literally, he was just swinging his golf club at dirt). And there were hills. And weird bridges in front of the waterfall that we had to run over.

So yay! Yay for Yours Truly!

Blondie is moving up to Advanced group with the next session, so he went ahead and exercised today with the Advanced group instead of doing the run test. He rocked it out - and was actually faster than a lot of the people who have been in that class already! GOOOOOO Blondie!

Weekend plans:
1) Watch Wisconsin WIN today.
2) Run out to the ocean and back on Saturday (starting preparing for my half-marathon).
3) Headed to Porn King's apartment on Saturday night to help GirlfriendJ celebrate her birthday.
4) Bikram on Sunday.
5) NCAA games everday.

Possibly drive to San Jose to see the Winchester Mystery House (woot!) It's a house built by the wife of the founder of Winchester Rifle, she kept adding on rooms to nowhere, staircases to nowhere, etc. It looks freaky!


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Yay! And Pbbbbtttt!

Yay - Blondie is now an uncle x 2! Little baby girl RG was born yesterday afternoon to proud parents Nate Dawg and Mrs G! Blondie now has 2 nieces, and is going back to the Land of Cheese to visit in a few weeks. Congrats fam!

Pbbbbtttt - we had the first part of our final assessment for this session of bootcamp - it was not good (running will be done tomorrow):
Flex: 24" (.5" more)
Pushups: 23 (1 more)
Situps: 40 (7 LESS)


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Feeling strong today.

I just registered Blondie and me for the San Francisco Half-Marathon (2nd half)! It runs August 3rd, and starts in GG Park, goes through Haight-Ashbury, the Mission, Potrero Hill, and ends up in South Beach. I'm extremely psyched about this - and am hoping like cuh-razy that I can beat my time for the Nike Women's half last year (3 hours, 10 minutes).

I made it a goal for myself to run a half this year in under 2 hours, 30 minutes. I'm going to be signing up for another half on my birthday (!!! - what a birthday gift) and hopefully that will be the one I beat that time on.

But the San Francisco Half - let's just say that with my bootcamp and how I feel right now, I'm feeling good about getting under 3 hours!


Monday, March 24, 2008

Helloooo party people!

Or Monday people. Or just people. Or people who don't feel like people b/c it's Monday and we all know those suck.

So, ahem. Duke lost! Yay! So did KY, but that's okay. B/c they were ranked 11 in their bracket unlike Duke who was ranked 2. And lost.

Blondie and I hit beach bootcamp again this week - I found it much easier than the last time we went. This time, we stayed on the wet sand, not the soft dry sand. Bootcamp tries to make working out not so much about working out, but more about having fun while moving your body - and one of their taglines is something along the lines of "Golden Gate Park - your playground". I always have kind of ignored that, b/c I'm me, and if I can be miserable while doing something, why not be miserable? Why be happy? (Pessimist - all the way). Anyway, on Saturday, it hit me that I was working out on the edge of the Pacific Ocean - I couldn't concentrate on how bad I was feeling, b/c instead I had to concentrate on not getting hit by the water as it rolled in. And besides the roar of the ocean was loud, so I couldn't hear my breathing. IT TOTALLY ROCKED.

The rest of the weekend was kind of lazy - we watched a ton of NCAA games, and went for a hike into the park by our apartment on Sunday. We both just needed out of the house, so we tromped around on the trails for a bit. BTW - there are tennis courts in that park. I had NO idea.


Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Rick James, bitch!

Thanks to an early morning text from Party C, Blondie and I got tickets to see Mr Dave Chappelle in person on Saturday night at a comedy club here in SF!!!! We joined Party C and WB, and H&S, for a truly hysterical night. This man is FUNNY. My side ached so bad from laughing so hard for so long, and I literally thought I had peed myself at one point (I hadn't, thank god). OMG. What an excellent evening!

I'm making that a celebrity sighting. Party C, WB, and H got their picture taken with him after the show, but I didn't go over, b/c I was afraid my KY roots would show through and I'd be all "I LOVE YOU DAVE! Autograph my chest!"

Last night, Blondie and I walked over to the Inner Sunset to our favorite sushi restaurant for some veggie rolls. Last time we were there, our waitress had recommended a roll on the fish list that could be made vegetarian (Vegetarian Shangrila), and wow - that shit was good! So last night we decided to head back over and partake in some more veggie goodness.

I was worried b/c this morning I woke up still full from last night - and heading to bootcamp, just made me more aware of how jostling around the food was in my gut. But my run rocked - everything felt great today (unlike last week).

And finally, I'm getting the mop chopped off this afternoon. I'm saying goodbye to my hippie hair and getting back my usual do.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunny days... chasing the clouds away...

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to San Francisco?

Sunny gorgeous weekend yet again. BEAUTIFUL. Warm.

Spent Saturday morning with my Blondie cleaning our home. I don't even know why we bother - 1.5 days after a massive cleaning, and cat fur has accumulated so much you think we had a "cat fur floor" instead of a hardwood floor.

Spent Saturday midday grocery shopping, and then grocery shopping again when we realized we bought all the stuff to make guacamole, but didn't buy the chips to eat it with.

Spent Saturday afternoon hanging at Dolores Park with the loverly couple of Shelbs and Bbbb.

Spent Sunday morning avoiding our yoga instructor, which was kind of hard considering the room is small and there were very few of us there for class (yay for time change!)

Spent Sunday afternoon dancing around the clean apartment, forcing the cats to be our dance partners. They hate us for life now.

Spent Sunday evening with Party C who is now no longer a blondie herself but is a reddie. LOVE THE HAIR!!!!! LOVED THE DRINKS!!!!

Spent Monday morning cursing myself for having a love/hate relationship with running. I hated it today, but loved it last week, but hated it the week before... lah lah lah.

And finally, spent today moaning about how old I've gotten - the run today made me supa sore (Supa! WC!), and I had to spend time recalling how "spry" I used to be.

K Dawg.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Happy day... Sad day... Randomness..

Happy day! My dear friend WC, the most fabulous Mississippi Queen alive, is preggers! This makes me an honorary aunt, but at least I'm a sober honorary aunt now so I won't scar the poor child for life. Congratulations WC and Lil Bean! Lil Bean... haha... that still makes me laugh.

Sad day :( Brett Favre has left the building. He announced his retirement from the Packers this morning. Sigh.

Randomness... Feel better soon Brother R. And only 3.5 days and counting Mr Pooh!


Monday, March 03, 2008

49 minutes down, 39 hours and 11 minutes to go...

I love Mondays.

Blondie and I had a great weekend. We have decided to start doing things we don't normally do but keep saying we want to do. It's an original idea, I'm very aware, and probably a lot of people are going to steal this idea, but that's okay. I'm okay with stealing.

So, anyhoo, we started on Saturday morning with bootcamp! I know, I know - we do bootcamp 4 (Yours Truly) and 3 (Blondie) days a week, so this *shouldn't* be something new - but it is. Saturday bootcamp is done on the beach. So we spent a grueling hour running back and forth in soft sand, doing pushups, sprints, situps before heading over to run a ton of steps. It was worth it though - we had some incredible views and the weather was peachy keen.

Our original plan for after bootcamp had been to go to the farmer's market, the supermarket, and then to hike Mt. Tam. However, after the torture session, we quickly modified our plan to go to the supermarket and go home.

Sunday, we made it to Mt Tam. It was again, an incredibly beautiful day, and the view of the city from the top of Mt Tam took my breath away at points. We did a 3 mile hike, complete with a peanut-butter sandwich picnic, before heading on home.

Sunday night, I got to meet up with Party C for a few drinky drinks - well deserved drinky drinks. We kept it to 2 beers each (I think we deserve a medal for this), and I was fast asleep by 9:30 pm.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It's going to be another insanely sunny day out there today, and being inside is like pulling teeth for me. Here's hoping to an early leave time today!