Monday, March 03, 2008

49 minutes down, 39 hours and 11 minutes to go...

I love Mondays.

Blondie and I had a great weekend. We have decided to start doing things we don't normally do but keep saying we want to do. It's an original idea, I'm very aware, and probably a lot of people are going to steal this idea, but that's okay. I'm okay with stealing.

So, anyhoo, we started on Saturday morning with bootcamp! I know, I know - we do bootcamp 4 (Yours Truly) and 3 (Blondie) days a week, so this *shouldn't* be something new - but it is. Saturday bootcamp is done on the beach. So we spent a grueling hour running back and forth in soft sand, doing pushups, sprints, situps before heading over to run a ton of steps. It was worth it though - we had some incredible views and the weather was peachy keen.

Our original plan for after bootcamp had been to go to the farmer's market, the supermarket, and then to hike Mt. Tam. However, after the torture session, we quickly modified our plan to go to the supermarket and go home.

Sunday, we made it to Mt Tam. It was again, an incredibly beautiful day, and the view of the city from the top of Mt Tam took my breath away at points. We did a 3 mile hike, complete with a peanut-butter sandwich picnic, before heading on home.

Sunday night, I got to meet up with Party C for a few drinky drinks - well deserved drinky drinks. We kept it to 2 beers each (I think we deserve a medal for this), and I was fast asleep by 9:30 pm.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. It's going to be another insanely sunny day out there today, and being inside is like pulling teeth for me. Here's hoping to an early leave time today!


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