Friday, March 28, 2008

Run test!!!!

I did the 1.5 mile timed run test in 17:04 (23 secs less than last time). I'm quite pleased, especially since we didn't run the test in our normal spot. Usually, we hit Kezar stadium and do 6 laps around it for 1.5 miles - nice, flat, paved, smooth Kezar stadium.

Today we hit Stowe Lake - and ran around the island in the middle. On dirt trails, with roots sticking out, rocks sticking out, dodging squirrels (no freaking joke) and dogs, and old men playing "dirt golf" (literally, he was just swinging his golf club at dirt). And there were hills. And weird bridges in front of the waterfall that we had to run over.

So yay! Yay for Yours Truly!

Blondie is moving up to Advanced group with the next session, so he went ahead and exercised today with the Advanced group instead of doing the run test. He rocked it out - and was actually faster than a lot of the people who have been in that class already! GOOOOOO Blondie!

Weekend plans:
1) Watch Wisconsin WIN today.
2) Run out to the ocean and back on Saturday (starting preparing for my half-marathon).
3) Headed to Porn King's apartment on Saturday night to help GirlfriendJ celebrate her birthday.
4) Bikram on Sunday.
5) NCAA games everday.

Possibly drive to San Jose to see the Winchester Mystery House (woot!) It's a house built by the wife of the founder of Winchester Rifle, she kept adding on rooms to nowhere, staircases to nowhere, etc. It looks freaky!


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