Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm Rick James, bitch!

Thanks to an early morning text from Party C, Blondie and I got tickets to see Mr Dave Chappelle in person on Saturday night at a comedy club here in SF!!!! We joined Party C and WB, and H&S, for a truly hysterical night. This man is FUNNY. My side ached so bad from laughing so hard for so long, and I literally thought I had peed myself at one point (I hadn't, thank god). OMG. What an excellent evening!

I'm making that a celebrity sighting. Party C, WB, and H got their picture taken with him after the show, but I didn't go over, b/c I was afraid my KY roots would show through and I'd be all "I LOVE YOU DAVE! Autograph my chest!"

Last night, Blondie and I walked over to the Inner Sunset to our favorite sushi restaurant for some veggie rolls. Last time we were there, our waitress had recommended a roll on the fish list that could be made vegetarian (Vegetarian Shangrila), and wow - that shit was good! So last night we decided to head back over and partake in some more veggie goodness.

I was worried b/c this morning I woke up still full from last night - and heading to bootcamp, just made me more aware of how jostling around the food was in my gut. But my run rocked - everything felt great today (unlike last week).

And finally, I'm getting the mop chopped off this afternoon. I'm saying goodbye to my hippie hair and getting back my usual do.


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