Monday, March 10, 2008

Sunny days... chasing the clouds away...

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to San Francisco?

Sunny gorgeous weekend yet again. BEAUTIFUL. Warm.

Spent Saturday morning with my Blondie cleaning our home. I don't even know why we bother - 1.5 days after a massive cleaning, and cat fur has accumulated so much you think we had a "cat fur floor" instead of a hardwood floor.

Spent Saturday midday grocery shopping, and then grocery shopping again when we realized we bought all the stuff to make guacamole, but didn't buy the chips to eat it with.

Spent Saturday afternoon hanging at Dolores Park with the loverly couple of Shelbs and Bbbb.

Spent Sunday morning avoiding our yoga instructor, which was kind of hard considering the room is small and there were very few of us there for class (yay for time change!)

Spent Sunday afternoon dancing around the clean apartment, forcing the cats to be our dance partners. They hate us for life now.

Spent Sunday evening with Party C who is now no longer a blondie herself but is a reddie. LOVE THE HAIR!!!!! LOVED THE DRINKS!!!!

Spent Monday morning cursing myself for having a love/hate relationship with running. I hated it today, but loved it last week, but hated it the week before... lah lah lah.

And finally, spent today moaning about how old I've gotten - the run today made me supa sore (Supa! WC!), and I had to spend time recalling how "spry" I used to be.

K Dawg.

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