Monday, March 24, 2008

Helloooo party people!

Or Monday people. Or just people. Or people who don't feel like people b/c it's Monday and we all know those suck.

So, ahem. Duke lost! Yay! So did KY, but that's okay. B/c they were ranked 11 in their bracket unlike Duke who was ranked 2. And lost.

Blondie and I hit beach bootcamp again this week - I found it much easier than the last time we went. This time, we stayed on the wet sand, not the soft dry sand. Bootcamp tries to make working out not so much about working out, but more about having fun while moving your body - and one of their taglines is something along the lines of "Golden Gate Park - your playground". I always have kind of ignored that, b/c I'm me, and if I can be miserable while doing something, why not be miserable? Why be happy? (Pessimist - all the way). Anyway, on Saturday, it hit me that I was working out on the edge of the Pacific Ocean - I couldn't concentrate on how bad I was feeling, b/c instead I had to concentrate on not getting hit by the water as it rolled in. And besides the roar of the ocean was loud, so I couldn't hear my breathing. IT TOTALLY ROCKED.

The rest of the weekend was kind of lazy - we watched a ton of NCAA games, and went for a hike into the park by our apartment on Sunday. We both just needed out of the house, so we tromped around on the trails for a bit. BTW - there are tennis courts in that park. I had NO idea.


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