Thursday, December 28, 2006

The past week in review... well, to be honest, technically the past 9 days in review.

I can't stress enough how happy we are to have stuff again. It's made my life so much better being able to get out of BED (yay!) and stumble out to the COUCH (yay!) and watch TV (yay!) In addition to having stuff, we also have our own internet connection again (my upstairs neighbors, or whoever's internet I was 'borrowing', thank Comcast) and cable! Hooray for cable!

What has happened... Well, a whole of drinking and eating and partying, followed by periods of doing absolutely nothing.

Last Friday, me and S met my sweetie friend J out at the bar. We got our drink on and then proceeded to dinner where we ate honestly the best crab I've ever eaten along with the best soup I've ever eaten. oh god. I'm drooling thinking about it. From there, we went out dancing. Do you know how long it's been since I've been dancing? Yes, it's been a long long time. Long time. And it showed. Give it up for a white girl dancing - that sounds bad and believe me I dance worse than that sounds. HOWEVER, I've never seen anyone move like J does. I might have to alter my opinion that she's innocent, because she sure doesn't look like that on the dance floor.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday saw me and S holed up in our apartment in front of our TV. Here is a step by step guide to recreating our last weekend (for those who want to give it a try):
1) Put movie in DVD player and press start.
2) Pause movie about 20 minutes in to refresh alcoholic beverage.
3) Repeat step 2 for remainder of movie (sometimes including snacks).
4) Repeat steps 1-3 for 3 days.

We did take a break to open Xmas gifts from the KY-side of the family on Xmas eve. Thanks mom! We LOVED our gifts! I now have a fluffy new bathrobe so that I don't flash my neighbors anymore. And we took a break on Xmas day to do a web conf with WI-side of the family. Hi guys! It was good seeing you over the computer!

We finally got out of the house on Tues. We took the train to Union Square to look at the giant Xmas tree and the giant menorah. Then it was a trip down to Embarcadero to check out the ferry building (opening scene of So I Married an Axe Murderer - "Port of San Francisco"), with a BART ride back to Mission for much-needed mexican food fix. J called on Tues - she had too much family time over the weekend and needed booze and cigs.

Which leads us into Wed. After viewing an extremely boring movie with J, we started drinking - martinis at Metreon lead to the Sutter Gutter where we met Suz and her sis (the random girl I met with my partner in crime - see posting from about a month back) which led to a random Chinatown restaurant where J ordered in Mandarin (I sure as heck couldn't read the menu) and I ended up eating a chicken heart (TASTY!)

Plans for the rest of the week:
1) Hog Island tonight for beer and oysters (honestly, is anyone shocked that all my plans involve booze and food?)
2) Gnarls and The Flaming Lips on 12/30
3) Boozing in North Beach tomorrow night (if I get the energy)
4) Wisconsin bowl game and GB Packer game on 12/31.
5) Drinking non-stop on 12/31.
6) Puking non-stop on 1/1.
7) Back on my diet to lose all my weight again on 1/2. Boo.

Hope everyone had a very good Xmas and are going to have a very booze NYE!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

And in 2 hours...

The truck will be in our possession again. Ah, wheels. I've missed you too.
We got stuff...

WE GOT STUFF. We GOT stuff! We got STUFF!

Bed, I missed you. TV, I missed you. Couch, I missed you. Clothes, I missed you. Bar, I missed you. Books, I missed you.

You get the picture.

Monday, December 18, 2006

A weekend to remember...

Friday night - a nice lame night at my party friend C's house. After our "date" with tequila the night before, we decided pizza and a chick flick were in order. My liver thanked me for only putting 2 beers in it. My body thanked me for going to bed sober and early.

Saturday - Met up with my party friend C early and we headed downtown to meet our sweetie friend J for another chick flick. "The Holiday" was a great movie, made even better by the fact that C and J both gasp at the same time during movies. I was rolling, in tears laughing. I discovered that both C and I call J "honey" all the time - I think it's b/c she's just so darn sweet, she's my innocent friend. It's been a long time since I've bonded with someone I think is innocent. Then C and J and I headed back to North Beach for some seafood dinner at J's house. J's friend CaryElwes (not really but I nicknamed him) whom I met the VERY FIRST TIME I met J came out - it was good seeing him again.

Saturday night - C and J: "When does S get in tonight?"
K: "He's leaving Phoenix at 8:26, so like 10 pm?"
C and J: "8:26 Phoenix time, or 8:26 our time?"
K: "Doesn't matter, they are the same time zones"
C and J: "No girl, Phoenix is an hour behind" (thanks for answering your phone to verify this fact Slick - much appreciated ;)
K: "Uh. Shit."

I was late getting S at the airport. I'm a rock star wife to say the least.

Saturday night continued - A certain airline lost all of S's luggage.

Sunday - a call from my party friend C. She had helped a friend out big time on Saturday night after I left and it backfired in her face (and on her mattress). I'm still laughing about it. Anyway, we went and picked up tics to hear a jam band in Feb, and then I went to her apt to help "fix" her mattress. Then it was a lovely day spent waiting on luggage to get to our apt! Thanks to A&B for keeping us company for many hours in our still-bare living space!!!!

Today - it's as clear as can be. I'm taking breaks from working at home to stare at the Pacific Ocean. Ah. Life is good right now.


Friday, December 15, 2006

A bit of a sad day...

We no longer own a house. My part of the closing happened yesterday, and as of about an hour ago, S's closing was over. It's a little sad. I love my new life in SF, but I did have a great run in DFW.

A bit of a happy day...

S gets here tomorrow! Yay! See you soon baby!

A bit of a hurting day...

Thanks to my party friend C, I rocked it out with my other good friend "Tequila" last night. Even my hair hurts today.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Night Before Closing...

It's the night before closing
in this big barren house,
all by myself
I'm missing my spouse.
The house is so empty
it's almost time to go.
The movers took our stuff,
the truck is in tow.
Ten years spent in Texas
the time flew by so fast.
It's hard to think it's over,
this chapter closed and passed.
The path that I have taken
and have been on through the years
has brought me very good friends
with whom shared many beers!
The good friends I made
and meeting my beautiful wife
were all done right here
enriching my life.
Off to California
that's the place where I will go
to start a new chapter
starting in San Francisco.
New friends will be made
and new memories found,
but I'll never forget the good times
spent on this ground.
Goodbye y'all in Texas,
you'll surely be missed.
It's time for a change
so we're heading out West.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Missing my blondie...

Counting minutes until you are here. So are your cats. Well, 1 of your cats. CHOMP!


Monday, December 11, 2006

Vegas baby... Vegas... Again...

With much reluctance (it was pouring down rain, I hadn't had a shower, my dress clothes are all in Dallas), I agreed to go to the SF office party last Friday night. This was only after my buddy Maoser needled me for 5 hours at work on Friday, calling me every name in the book b/c I wasn't going to go. I bailed out of work early, had to go buy a new pair of dress pants, had to run home, get a shower, blow dry my hair, put on makeup, go back out in the rain, catch the train, walk 3 blocks in the rain from the train station, etc. Ugh. However, for some reason, I got into the party mode and had a great time. Alcohol was free, food was free, got to see an old friend I haven't seen in a long time (he quit but is married to someone who still works there). Then came the door prizes. Here is the thing about working in an office of 60 people - it's much easier to win door prizes than say when you work in an office with 500 people (SF vs DFW). And yes, yes I did win. 3 night stay in Vegas, airfare and hotel on the strip included plus 2 show tickets. NICE!

but the best part of the night had to be the fried egg sandwich after the party ended- chow, i heart you. you make a killer egg sandwich.

Suffering a horrible hangover on a Saturday morning is something I'm used to. But what I'm not used to anymore is not being able to hop in my car and grab McDonald's to cure the hangover. I have no car. And there is no McDonald's. So while Friday night rocked, Saturday morning sucked.

I decided to just take it easy on Saturday and then my sweetie friend J and my party friend C called - they wanted an easy night also so they stopped by with wine. 5 hours later... 3 bottles of wine later... a bottle of champagne later... 2 bottles of Bud later...

And Sunday morning sucked too.

1) It's possible to party yourself out (I'm totally shocked too)
2) I will NEVER be one of those people who don't have a TV and are happy with it. I MISS MY TV.
3) Stove top and Diet pepsi work almost as well as Egg McMuffin and real coke from McDonald's in curing my hangovers.

Cheers from the west coast...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

My love affair with MUNI has ended...

For those of you who don't take public transportation, just so you are aware, during rush hour times, the trains can get insanely packed. You look like sardines crammed into a metal tube. And people still manage to keep forcing their way on. I don't like to ride the trains when they are like that. And will wait until after evening rush hour ends to go home for the day, or will wait for multiple trains to go by before hopping one in the morning. Obviously I don't care about when I actually arrive at the office - I'm here until 6:15 pm every night anyway.

So yesterday, I was coming down the hill from our apartment to Cole Valley. I could see a train at my stop and about 3 billion people cramming onto it. I could also see over the hill behind the train stop (b/c of my position) and could see another train waiting. SCORE! That means that everyone will get on the train currently at the stop, and I'll have a nice free train to ride to work. So I'm all giddy, go skipping down the street, thinking "Yay! What a great way to start the week!".

I hop on the 'empty' train and pay my fare, take my transfer. The entire time I'm doing this I'm aware that the train is WAYYYYY noisier than normal, but it doesn't really register. I turn around, transfer in 1 hand, purse in the other, and am confronted by, no joke, about 35-40 screaming 1st graders and their teachers on a field trip. I kept thinking surely they were getting off the train soon, but nope, I rode with them all the way to my work stop (about 4 miles, 7 stops). And they screamed the entire time.

I was hating life yesterday b/c of this until yesterday evening. For those of you who don't regularly follow the news, a San Francisco family had gone missing somewhere in Oregon on their way back from Thanksgiving. They found the mom and her 2 kids at their car last night (stranded 9 days) - the dad had gone off looking for help 3 days ago and is still missing. Their dad literally works about 1/2 block from where I do on 2nd St. It hit home last night when I was walking back to my MUNI stop (silently cursing screaming 1st graders and hoping hoping hoping I had an empty train home), and I passed the office where he works and it was surrounded by news vans and reporters who were attending a news conference regarding the situation. It made me glad I'm in San Francisco to ride a train (even with kids) and here's wishing and hoping they find the dad soon.

In happier news, S lands for good in a little less than 2 weeks! This is good as Tigga is going nuts without a male presence in the house (and no Max doesn't count - he's too scared).