Monday, December 18, 2006

A weekend to remember...

Friday night - a nice lame night at my party friend C's house. After our "date" with tequila the night before, we decided pizza and a chick flick were in order. My liver thanked me for only putting 2 beers in it. My body thanked me for going to bed sober and early.

Saturday - Met up with my party friend C early and we headed downtown to meet our sweetie friend J for another chick flick. "The Holiday" was a great movie, made even better by the fact that C and J both gasp at the same time during movies. I was rolling, in tears laughing. I discovered that both C and I call J "honey" all the time - I think it's b/c she's just so darn sweet, she's my innocent friend. It's been a long time since I've bonded with someone I think is innocent. Then C and J and I headed back to North Beach for some seafood dinner at J's house. J's friend CaryElwes (not really but I nicknamed him) whom I met the VERY FIRST TIME I met J came out - it was good seeing him again.

Saturday night - C and J: "When does S get in tonight?"
K: "He's leaving Phoenix at 8:26, so like 10 pm?"
C and J: "8:26 Phoenix time, or 8:26 our time?"
K: "Doesn't matter, they are the same time zones"
C and J: "No girl, Phoenix is an hour behind" (thanks for answering your phone to verify this fact Slick - much appreciated ;)
K: "Uh. Shit."

I was late getting S at the airport. I'm a rock star wife to say the least.

Saturday night continued - A certain airline lost all of S's luggage.

Sunday - a call from my party friend C. She had helped a friend out big time on Saturday night after I left and it backfired in her face (and on her mattress). I'm still laughing about it. Anyway, we went and picked up tics to hear a jam band in Feb, and then I went to her apt to help "fix" her mattress. Then it was a lovely day spent waiting on luggage to get to our apt! Thanks to A&B for keeping us company for many hours in our still-bare living space!!!!

Today - it's as clear as can be. I'm taking breaks from working at home to stare at the Pacific Ocean. Ah. Life is good right now.


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