Monday, December 11, 2006

Vegas baby... Vegas... Again...

With much reluctance (it was pouring down rain, I hadn't had a shower, my dress clothes are all in Dallas), I agreed to go to the SF office party last Friday night. This was only after my buddy Maoser needled me for 5 hours at work on Friday, calling me every name in the book b/c I wasn't going to go. I bailed out of work early, had to go buy a new pair of dress pants, had to run home, get a shower, blow dry my hair, put on makeup, go back out in the rain, catch the train, walk 3 blocks in the rain from the train station, etc. Ugh. However, for some reason, I got into the party mode and had a great time. Alcohol was free, food was free, got to see an old friend I haven't seen in a long time (he quit but is married to someone who still works there). Then came the door prizes. Here is the thing about working in an office of 60 people - it's much easier to win door prizes than say when you work in an office with 500 people (SF vs DFW). And yes, yes I did win. 3 night stay in Vegas, airfare and hotel on the strip included plus 2 show tickets. NICE!

but the best part of the night had to be the fried egg sandwich after the party ended- chow, i heart you. you make a killer egg sandwich.

Suffering a horrible hangover on a Saturday morning is something I'm used to. But what I'm not used to anymore is not being able to hop in my car and grab McDonald's to cure the hangover. I have no car. And there is no McDonald's. So while Friday night rocked, Saturday morning sucked.

I decided to just take it easy on Saturday and then my sweetie friend J and my party friend C called - they wanted an easy night also so they stopped by with wine. 5 hours later... 3 bottles of wine later... a bottle of champagne later... 2 bottles of Bud later...

And Sunday morning sucked too.

1) It's possible to party yourself out (I'm totally shocked too)
2) I will NEVER be one of those people who don't have a TV and are happy with it. I MISS MY TV.
3) Stove top and Diet pepsi work almost as well as Egg McMuffin and real coke from McDonald's in curing my hangovers.

Cheers from the west coast...

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