Friday, March 30, 2007


After being at work for 4 days (but actually only training for 2 days), I got tossed in the shark tank last night. I was left to finish up on my own, 2 major releases that our ready for our company. Of course, I shone. Because I'm a shining star. Because that's just how I roll. Anyways, after my 9.5 hour day yesterday (not complaining, but honestly, my first week and I'm already working 9.5 hour days????), it's going to be an early night tonight. With steak fajitas lovingly prepared by my Blondie. He thinks I'm going to help. I'm laughing that he thinks that. CHOMP!

"It's tequila time!"...

I had an insane MUNI driver in this morning. He talked the entire way over the intercom. My new favorite quote has got to be that guy. We were pulling into the stop after I got on, and he kept saying "Happy weekend! It's tequila time!" I wonder if I say that at my job, if people would think it was funny or if they would just think I'm a drunk (hush, I know I am, you know I am, but they don't know that yet).

I want to be on TV...

Agh! They are filming a pilot for a TV show all weekend long on my block!!! Blondie is pissed because we can't park on our street. But I intend to spend my weekend strutting my fat ass up and down the street, hoping to land a guest spot on the show. Maybe Danny Glover is in it?!??! My plan to meet him as failed dismally thus far - so here's keeping my fingers crossed!


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So, Blondie keeps saying that if I catch everyone up to date on what's been going on, he'll maintain the blog for a bit... I don't think he's telling the truth, so I'm going to find out. I'm going to catch you all up, and then we'll see if Blondie keeps his promise...

Rot Duke! And that nasty game of knee-ball!
The weekend of 3/16 was a beautiful one for many reasons. The first being that my FAVORITE basketball team got knocked out of the NCAA tourny in the first round. Go Duke! We heart you! (sarcasm for those who don't quite get it)
In addition, my other FAVORITE basketball team won their first round game in the NCAA tourny! Go UK! I bleed blue! Sometimes! When you are playing in the tourny! And you are winning!

The night that KY won (the day after Duke lost), Party C and Carrie with a B came over. We were going to do it "low key" seeing as how the next day was St Patty's day (sarcasm is still going on here) but come on, it's the party gang. No such thing as low key. We put away a lot. Blondie and I had bought this spider thing in Vegas - it's a vibrating spider like thing that you put over your head. It's heaven in a spider vibrating thing. Blondie snuck up behind Party C, put that thing on her head, and she did a leap from one side of our apt to the other, and fell into our bar with her arm through the wine rack. She managed to crack her elbow, her head, and her knee AND she managed to laugh hysterically the entire time.

The point is - the next day when she mentioned her knee hurt and couldn't figure out why, Carrie with a B broke out the most hysterical thing ever - "It was obviously that game of knee-ball that you lost". HAHAHA. Still laughing about it!

St Patty's Day (or how I referred to it in drunken text - St Patr's)...
Oh. My. Goodness. Party C and I decided we needed grease, and hit Pork Store bright and early. Blondie and Carrie with a B decided they needed exercise and hit the gym - which is really what I should've done (SARCASM x a gazillion). From PS, it was trip over to Martin Mack's which was HOPPING at 11 am. Then we hit the bar in the 'hood, where we staked out prime real-estate (the edge of the bar by the door), were joined by Blondie, Carrie with a B, Porn King, Girlfriend J, Sweetie J, and her good friend, uh, D. I don't have a good nickname for D so he'll just be D.

Sweetie J and Party C both hit it off with a striking gentleman named Bob. Bob was a young stud, admired by all women, and was not particular about who he rubbed up against. Bob won my heart too. But I don't think my cats would've liked a new man in their lives. And besides, Bob is a dog. He stood guard over the bar in the 'hood for a bit while his owner imbibed in a few. Since we were right by the door, we decided we would watch him, and that involved leaving the bar every 3 seconds to give good old Bob a rub. What a sweetie. Maybe he'll become Sweetie Bob and we'll have to give Sweetie J a new nickname - Vodka Queen maybe? :) Love you Sweetie J!

The Last Week of Work at the Despised Job...
Not much to say, but it's over and done with. It was sad. I miss those guys like crazy. But honestly, it was with a light step that I left the old building for the last time. And besides, I sent the best goodbye email EVER (Sarcasm has been deleted here, it truly was the best goodbye email EVER). Ahem, "I pretty much rule".

A visit from the J-Man...
A former co-worker made the trek to SF. He came down with a nasty cold and spent half of his time here lying in his bed in his "hostel". But we did manage to get out and do the touristy stuff - we tripped down Haight, over the GG Bridge, through the park, rode the cable cars, saw Lombard, hit Ghiradelli, saw the sea lions, and most importantly - ate a Christian Burger at In-and-Out (Blondie's favorite part of the weekend).

A new job...
It started already. It's the first week. It's slow (obviously, seeing as how I'm blogging).

The familial visits are starting...
Is familial a word? I really don't care - I like to make up my own words anyway (see Chicago/Super Bowl weekend post). Apparently mom and sis kicked off an urge in the Lexington family to start coming out to SF. Mr Pooh and my sis-in-law (co-creators of the Cutest Kid In the World) bought tics to come visit also!!!! We'll be doing a repeat of the "vist from the J-Man", but we'll include a trip to Alcatraz also in that mix. "You can call me Vicky".

And my new favorite quote...
"I'm the most fabulous person you'll meet without actually being fabulous". Party C to Wonder Butt, but I'm pretty sure we are all going to use that line.

Okay Blondie, back to you... Keep us all up to date!


Monday, March 12, 2007

Hottie... Total hottie...

I just got back from the best facial in the world. My skin is glowing, my pores are sparkling clean, and I'm totally refreshed.

Now you'll have to excuse me, I'm off to the bathroom to make eyes at myself in the mirror.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Woo hoo!!!!

Funny story. My mom called the other day and said she had something she's been meaning to tell me for forever, but only thinks about it when it's a time she can't call me (work, etc). (And if you've ever wondered if I'm more like my dad or my mom, let me say that I'm QUEEN of remembering things only when I'm at a time I can't do them - i.e. I need to email so and so but I only remember it when I'm at a bar).

So, the story was that about 32 years ago, her and my dad came to SF for a visit. This was the February time-frame. The night they landed in SF, she started to feel a little queasy. They were here for 5 days, and by day 3, she knew she was pregnant. That baby was yours truly.

She also hated SF. And told my dad that she would never want to raise a child here, and would never want one of her kids to live her.

She ended this story by laughing hysterically and telling me I was always the one who did exactly opposite of what she said.

(I felt compelled the first night we were in Vegas this past time to tell this story to some random woman I met at the craps table. I slurred 3/4th of the words. But that's okay, b/c random woman was also so drunk that I'm sure her ears were hearing slurred words but they were sounding okay).

Anyway, the WOO HOO! part of my story is that my mom is coming to visit!!! Her and my sister are flying out on April 26th and will be spending the weekend touring around with me and Blondie. We are SUPER excited! We will be hitting Alcatraz and riding cable cars and having them meet my friends.

Yay mom and sis! Can't wait to see you!

and in this case --S

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

This is ridiculous...

I'm actually a bit sad. I'm a LOT happy, but a bit sad. I'm in the midst of my last overnight for my company, and it hit me as I'm finishing up sets of servers, that it's the last time I'm going to imp "such and such" server.

Then, since I'm a super fast worker and got the initial bulk of my work done already, I decided to make a list of people I'm going to send my good-bye email to from work. And wow.

I don't like my job, but damn, I like the people. 5 years makes for some super good friendships.

So, here goes - not sure who from work reads this - but if you do, here are my special good-byes:
1) J.U. - I totally heart working overnights with you. Finally, someone as sarcastic as me. You've made me laugh my ass off time and time again. But nothing will make me laugh as hard as the day I was hanging out in your cube and we saw that long long hair hanging off a certain someone's desk and both of us said at the same time "pubic hair!" That can still make me spit pop out my mouth if I think about it while I'm drinking something.
2) V.U. - You are one of the nicest people I've ever met. I don't think I've ever heard you say a bad word about anyone. And the look on your face when D.C. busts out with "punta" is priceless. Stay exactly how you are - don't change a thing.
3) D.C. - My one and only. The guy who gave me shit from the day I started there. Remember this - "I didn't sign off so you can't put the boxes back in service yet!" when we had the power outage that closed our entire building for the day? I'm going to miss so much debating football with you (although we all know the Packers have everything over the Succaneers, and don't get me started on The Cowgirls and Bill Fatcells). You are my bud, absolutely and without a doubt.
4) My gang - you made lunchtimes so much fun. You've made me laugh when I didn't think it was possible to laugh any more. You made Dallas worthwhile. You guys are rock stars.

On that note - 12 business days and counting!!!!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This is my husband Blondie... We call him Double Down...

What a whirlwind. A complete and utter whirlwind. These last few weeks have been just insanely crazy. Here's a rundown on what's been going on. Take a deep breath, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride that is my life.

1) The job front.
As most everyone knows, Google has been the pinacle of employment in my head for like the last 4 years. I didn't even want to think about switching jobs out here unless it was to work for Google. So with the layoffs happening, I immediately put my resume into Google. And *gasp*, I got a phone screen with them. However, something weird happened. I couldn't even begin to relax about the phone screen. I was so wound up, so tense, I ended up not shining on the phone screen - it wasn't bad, it just wasn't great.

When the layoffs first happened, I also happened to update my resume on monster.

So, the week before my phone screen with Google, I got an email from company B, who happen to have corporate HQ in downtown, about 2 blocks from where I currently work. They had seen my resume on monster and contacted me. I ended up phone screening with company B about 3 days before my Google phone screen.

In the meantime, I got extremely excited about company B - the more and more I thought about it, the more and more I realized I wanted to stay downtown. I did an onsite interview with them on Friday (immediately before I left for Vegas again), and it went FANTASTICALLY WELL. Fantastically well enough that while on the train to the airport after the interview, they called and left me a voicemail that they wanted to bring me on, and would be getting in touch with me as soon as I got back from Vegas.

That's today. I am employed again! Feel free to shoot me an email if you'd like to know where I'm going to work. I just didn't want to post employer's names online. The salary is way fatter than what I make now, NO MORE OVERNIGHTS, the discounts are take your breath away good, NO MORE OVERNIGHTS, the work is something I'm interested in (it's what I do now but in a different kind of way), and have I mentioned NO MORE OVERNIGHTS???

Employment rocks the hizzou. Especially when I'm still employed and will be making the leap from one company to the next with no breaks.

2) Half-marathons...

I bit the bullet and signed me and Blondie up for the Nike Women's Half-Marathon in October. I start training today. And watching what I eat today. And losing weight today. And all that good stuff that goes into training. I'm no WC - I'm not triathalon ready (Go WC!!! I'll be rooting for you in May!), but I've got to get this body back under control again and what better way to do that then to run 13.1 miles???

3) Vegas... Baby... Vegas...

OMG. SO MUCH FUN!!! Blondie met me in the train station as soon as my interview as done on Friday. I was so ready for some gambling, some drinking, some relaxing, I couldn't tell you. And then I felt so good after the interview, and then I got that voicemail on the train about the job - we were on cloud 9.

We hit Vegas and immediately went to our hotel, the Flamingo on the strip (remember, this entire trip was comped out by my current employer). Nate Dawg and Mrs G met us at our hotel and we talked with them for a bit, but they were beat and had a big day ahead of them the next day, so Blondie and I went out by ourselves that night. We started with some craps, and both went up some $. Then we moved to blackjack where I went up even more $, but Blondie went down. Then we moved back to our craps table, where apparently I was so loud when we were there the first time, that the pit boss said "Hi Kerri! Hi Shaun! Welcome back" when we hit his table again - he remembered our names. We gambled until 5 am. I lost my $ but Blondie went up big time!!! It was so much fun. At one point I put my chips down on the Pass Line, but I covered up the P in Pass on accident and then had to point out to the dealers that I was on the Ass Line. Which cracked everyone up. A quick text message with a picture of a beer sent at 5:30 am to brother R completed our night.

We dragged our asses out of bed the next day at 2 pm, and headed straight for yards of margs and mexican food. Then we hit Luxor to get our tickets for our boob show on Saturday night, and headed back down the strip. We took it easy most of the day that day, ended up sitting outside our hotel on the patio on the strip drinking cheap beer. We met up with Nate Dawg and Mrs G and headed back down to Luxor that night to see Fantasy (the boob show). It was a great show - they had some beautiful dancers and the funniest guy in the world who could imitate any famous person you wanted.

Sunday - oh my goodness. It was a day of excess. We hit old school casino on the strip and proceeded to drink the afternoon away playing 25 cent poker. Then we went back down the strip to Casino Royale to get $1 Michelob's. From there it was cheap cheap Leinie's at our hotel, and then we watched the fountains blow at the Bellagio (my all time fav thing to do in Vegas). After the fountains went, we met up with Nate Dawg and Mrs G, and ate some chinese food. It was needed as yours truly was a little stumbly at this point. Then we got more drinks, and more drinks, and whoa. How did it get to be 5 am again? That just happened? Did someone reset our watches?

Pics will follow I promise.

4) Last overnight...

Tonight is my last overnight. This will be it for me. I'm actually looking forward to it, simply b/c it is my last one.

5) Ugh...

And I'm tired.

Cheers all!