Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Multiple Birthdays!!!!

Happy 2 days late birthday to the Sheriff (stealing this from Mrs Pooh)!!!
Happy 1 day early birthday to Mom and TT!!!!!!

Happy Turkey Trotting!!!!

Good luck to Mr Pooh on his T-day Turkey Trot! We will be cheering you on from SF.
Blondie and I will be doing a T-day Turkey Trot also with Party C. Blondie and Party C will smoke it, and I will stroll it. Because I'm a super good stroller.

That is all. Continue as before.


Monday, November 17, 2008

A tribute to Mississippi Queen...

Conversation revisited -
Yours Truly: "What's a zephyr?"
Mississippi Queen: "It's like a big blimp"
YT: "Okay"
- pause to drink beer -
YT: "Wait. Isn't that a zeppelin?"
MQ: "Oh right! Wait. Then what's a zephyr?"

SF has a zeppelin - a company bought one, and now does tours all over the bay area (for a disgustingly expensive cost). The thing is HUGE. How do we know this? We see it often from our dining room window (which looks out onto the Pacific Ocean and the bay). We watched it floating by on Saturday, and it dwarfs everything, including my ass. Once the economy turns around (or we win the lottery, whichever comes first), Blondie and I are going to take a tour on it. And you all are going to be uber jealous. So be ready.


P.S. Zephyr = gentle, mild breeze.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The Mystery House...

Blondie and I enjoyed a day of non-work on Friday, and headed down to San Jose (Do you know the way to San Jose?) to tour the Winchester Mystery House. It was INSANE. The house was owned by the heir to the Winchester Rifle fortune, and after her daughter and husband died within a short time of each other, she visited a psychic who told her to move, buy a house, start building onto it, and never stop.

She literally never stopped. It was the creepiest house in the world. There are stairs and doors to nowhere (the doors opened onto brick walls, the stairs hit the ceiling and stopped), an obsession with the number 13 (she had 13 coat hooks in the rooms, windows that had 13 panes of glass, etc), and turned all the posts in the house upside down.

There was a crescent shaped hedge growing outside the window of the room she died in. But what freaked me out the most was our tour guide. He told a story that the first day he started giving tours, he had forgotten to charge his cell phone. All day long he watched as his cell phone charged itself, and by the time he left for the day, it was completely charged. He also was standing in a doorframe and the door swung shut on it's own and smacked him in the face.

I wouldn't want to live there. Or anywhere near there.

After we did our tour, we stopped for late lunch and shopping, and then headed back to the city.

Saturday I met up with PC for drinks in the hood, and then we headed back to the pad to watch movies and continue drinking.

Sunday was a lazy day. Didn't do much of anything. Including watching football. We didn't get a single 10 am PT game on Sunday (we still don't know why). Sigh.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Shame on California...

Prop H8 passed - this means that same sex couples no longer have the right to marry in the state of CA. I'm embarrassed to live here to be honest.

Marriage is a RIGHT everyone should have.

A new motto for the state of CA: "Separate but Not Equal". Lovely.

On a more pleasant note, I have today off and Blondie and I are off to San Jose to check out the Winchester Mystery House! I've promised to try and not gasp and grab the dashboard every 3 seconds on the car ride down (I'm soooo my mother), and Blondie has promised not to tailgate every car within 20 yards of us (he's sooooo his dad). :)


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Blah blah blah blah blah. I VOTED.

First off, the birthday was this past weekend and I wanted to thank everyone that came out to help me celebrate. My friends 100% rock, and I love you all! You guys are one of the few reasons we can't make ourselves leave the city yet!

Second, I would like to state that I actually registered and voted in an election for the first time since I was 18.

I've had several reasons why I've not voted - one being that I lived in Texas for so long, and it didn't matter what I voted, GWB was always the state of Texas' choice. Then I moved to CA, and it didn't seem to matter here, b/c CA always elects the person I think should be pres.

But this time around, there is a proposition on the ballot to ban same sex marriage rights. Which I think is just insane. Are you kidding me? Is this not the year 2008? When are we going to STOP stepping all over people's civil rights? The ONLY good thing about this proposition is that it got me off my ass, and got me to register so I could vote against it. So good job "Yes on Prop 8" people - you got 1 more voter to vote against you. :)

Off my political soapbox. Onto thinking about lunch.