Monday, November 17, 2008

A tribute to Mississippi Queen...

Conversation revisited -
Yours Truly: "What's a zephyr?"
Mississippi Queen: "It's like a big blimp"
YT: "Okay"
- pause to drink beer -
YT: "Wait. Isn't that a zeppelin?"
MQ: "Oh right! Wait. Then what's a zephyr?"

SF has a zeppelin - a company bought one, and now does tours all over the bay area (for a disgustingly expensive cost). The thing is HUGE. How do we know this? We see it often from our dining room window (which looks out onto the Pacific Ocean and the bay). We watched it floating by on Saturday, and it dwarfs everything, including my ass. Once the economy turns around (or we win the lottery, whichever comes first), Blondie and I are going to take a tour on it. And you all are going to be uber jealous. So be ready.


P.S. Zephyr = gentle, mild breeze.

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