Monday, May 30, 2011

I'd like to extend an invitation to the pants party

First summer Friday = super party crew in action.
OMG. My bestie from work came with me and Blondie and we hit up the patio at one of our favoriate drinking spots - Mother Burger. This year, they've introduced The Pink Bulldog. Which is a frozen vodka pink lemonade with a baby Coronoa stuck in top. And that's what we decided was a good plan....

9 hours later...

I was in charge of ordering the pizza, and somehow managed to order 3 tons of food. I couldn't tell you how or why I did it, except that I didn't eat any of it because I decided to go to sleep as soon as the food got to the apartment.

I woke up Saturday morning and immediately knew I was going to have some backfiring issues - and I did. It was about 2 pm before we could leave the house - we went and got all of our grocery shopping done before heading back so I could crash out some more.

Sunday was a major day - Blondie and I headed down to the gym and I went on a 5 mile run on the treadmill (55:35 - a little slower than usual but it was my first 5 mile day in about 3 weeks so I wasn't too upset). Without eating, Blondie and I headed out to the Museum of Sex. It was kind of a disappointment. I know - how can anything about sex be boring? But it was. It was definitely more of a media based concept (i.e. comics, books, movies) and less of a object based concept (i.e. dildos throughout the ages, chastity belts, handcuffs).

After our tour, we headed down to the bar in the Museum and had a drink each. Then we headed over to Madison Square Park to see a sculpture I had read about. A famous artist (yes, I don't know his name even though I read all the literature associated with the sculpture) has done a 43 foot tall sculpture of a head, and it's now residing in the middle of Madison Square Park.

We decided to hang out and people watch after, and had a blast making fun of everyone. Then it was more walking, done to Union Square Park. In the park, they had Taiwan Fest, so we hung out there for awhile - we watched some awesome martial arts guys do moves, and then headed further into the park to see it.

From there, it was a hike over to NYU campus (via Washington Square Park - 3 parks in 1 day - wowzer!) and a stop in for a beer, and finally to get me some food. We split a burger and wings, and met an awesome couple on vacation from California! Several hours later we headed out, and by then I was ravenous - the food that we had at the bar just jump started my appetite and it was the only thing I had eaten that day.

So we decided on Colicchio & Sons!!!! We got reservations at the Tap Room part of the restaurant, had some beers, and then split the BEST BURGER ever. Blondie was like "holy shit, this is literally the best burger I've ever eaten in my life". We also split a flatiron steak which was also really good. We had a blast, just giggling away and having some beers.

We headed into Chelsea Market afterwards and got some gelato, and then finally headed home for the day.

Today I started my Insanity program - I did the fit test, which is day 1. And I about puked a lung out. Afterwards, I took a 10 minute break, and then did 30 Day Shred, level 1. I'm now watching Blondie do the fit test for Insanity.

No plans for the day. Just so happy to not be at work on a Monday!


Friday, May 27, 2011

To Kentucky, and beyond

Last week was a typical work week with not much going on. It was a nice break after the Atlantic City trip, some downtime was what we needed. We did make it out to our bar one night, and just got to hang out with everyone and drink some scotch (me) and Guiness (Blondie). I had my performance review also last week, and it went okay - about what I expected. Nothing stellar, nothing too craptacular. It was a new job for me, one that I don't really like, so I got about what I expected.

But then, last Friday night, Blondie and I caught a late flight to Kentucky. Our flight which was already late, was delayed several times over, making it *really late*. Luckily we had a direct flight into my family's town, and the flight seemed like it went really fast once we got on the plane, but it was a weird start to our weekend.

We were supposed to go with Mr and Mrs Pooh on Friday night to watch some live music but that got scrapped b/c of how late we ended up getting in. But we did get in. For which I am glad, b/c first thing Saturday morning, on about 5 hours of sleep, Blondie, me, Mr and Mrs Pooh went out and did a 5K together. I had a blast - from chatting with the Poohs before race-time, to finally having a family member (mom) there to watch, to actually racing with family (Mr and Mrs Pooh), and to having my Blondie's knee healed enough that he could join the race with us. Blondie had blown his knee out in our half marathon, but was able to muscle through and heal enough to go with us on our 5K.

Mr Pooh killed the course in 28 mins, followed by Blondie in 32:30 ish, followed by me in 34:09 (no PR but I'm still happy with it) followed by Mrs Pooh in 35:58 (a PR!!!!) After our 5K, they even had donuts. Which made my morning.

After the race, we headed back to my parent's house and showered, and then took off to do some shopping (Kohl's, Old Navy). I made sis stop and get me a huge coffee, and then we met up with Brother R and the Sheriff for some lunch at sit-down mexican. Brother R, Blondie and I got the drinking train started with many margs, before heading back to Brother R's for cards. When Mr and Mrs Pooh got home from TCKITW's gymnastics class, we headed over to their house to blow the rest of the day away. From Guitar Hero to eating all of Mrs Pooh taco dip in 5 minutes to sitting out back and watching TCKITW and TCKITWv4.0 play on the swing set - it was a blast. Tastiness in the form of fried chicken was our dinner, and many many beers completed our day.

Sunday was about the same - we all met up for lunch at a local restaurant before heading over to Brother R's house to play cards all afternoon (typical day with the fam). We had a massive cookout at Brother R's that night, drank a ton of scotch, and I got to enjoy hanging with the family for the first time in almost a year. Shugs got home from her family late that night, and I got to say hi to her for a second before we had to take off.

It was soooo good seeing everyone - I can't believe how big TCKITW and TCKITWv4.0 are! TCKITW is so beautiful - big blue eyes, bright blonde hair, a cute little grin, skinny little legs - she has my heart. And TCKITWv4.0 - the personality on that chick man - I can't even tell you - she also has my heart. When they get older, I have a feeling that TCKITW is the one you would turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on, and TCKITWv4.0 is the one you would turn to when you need someone to join you at the bar because you are tired of crying on someone's shoulder.

Monday we caught an early flight back to NYC and it was straight to work for me - no shower, no nothing. It was awful (and stinky). Tuesday it was beautiful out, so Blondie met me for some beers and dinner at one of our bars on the patio, and then we ran all of our crappy errands for the day. Wednesday I went out to lunch with my fav coworkers, spent some time just laughing and enjoying not being at work.

And then Thursday - Blondie and I decided to check in on the scale, and lo and behold, I've gained 2 lbs from my plateau. Now, 2 lbs for me is not that big of a deal. BUT, I do want to nip this in the bud before it gets any worse. Even though I work out daily, I definitely have gotten out of the habit of eating right. So back on the train. I also ordered the Insanity Beachbody workout - I did really well with my half-marathon training and I think it's because I had a calendar up with all my workouts on it for the training and I could mark it off daily. So I'm going to do that with Insanity - it's a 2 month program and I'm probably going to throw up daily for 2 months because of how intense it looks.

Today starts summer Fridays for me and I'm UBER excited. I'm meeting Blondie in 2 hours for drinks on a patio. I had a really really good run this morning - 3.1 miles in 31:25 which is 10:08 min mile pace, so now am ready to have a beer.

Last week, I did 5 miles on Tuesday followed by Kenpo on Wednesday, and 3.1 miles on Thurs on the treadmill. I took Friday as a rest day and then had my 5K race that Saturday. Sunday and Monday were rest days, with Tuesday being P90X Plyometrics DVD. I did a 5K on Wednesday on the treadmill (in a dismal 34:48), with P90X Shoulders&Arms & Ab Ripper X on Thursday, and 3.1 miles again today (IN A FABULOUS TIME!!!). I hope to get a longer run in this weekend, and a bunch of weight work also.

We have no plans this weekend - it's fleet week here so maybe we'll try to do some of those activities. We also have tickets to a museum that we need to use before they expire, and I want to eat at Colicchio&Sons at some point - so I'll try to talk Blondie into that.

Have a great 3 day weekend everyone!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hanging on the Jersey Shore

Last weekend, I went out for a 7 mile run along the Hudson. It sucked hairy balls. I had one of the worst runs of my life. The ONLY thing that made it better was that I stuck through it. I could not get steps and breaths aligned to save my life.

After my run, I decided I had to have my pedicure - so I went out and got myself some brand new feet. My feet were *tore up* from all the running I've been doing, and it was so awesome to get my toes done. Blondie called as I was finishing up, and I went and met him for some grocery shopping. We stopped on the way home for lunch, and then crashed out the rest of the day.

On Sunday, I headed down to the gym for a long workout - I was down there so long I actually guilt-tripped Blondie into coming down. He told me, and I quote, "I was sitting there, kept thinking you'd be back up soon, and you didn't. So then I felt guilty. And then I had to come down. Thanks a lot".

Last week was a typical week, with the exception of an offsite awards banquet we had to go to for work (the awards banquet was not for me). It took all morning long, and it threw the rest of my week off. On Thursday, I went with some coworkers for lunch, and then left early to meet my Blondie to celebrate his Blondie-day!

For his birthday, I bought Blondie a bunch of fancy pants cupcakes, and then met him at a bar by our house to sit on the patio and enjoy the sun. After the sun started down, we headed to our bar where we met up with friends and downed many many shots. After we were done at the bar, we headed to an "adult establishment" where we know the doorman - we had some tickets left over from Super Bowl Sunday that we needed to use before they expired. Drunk us took our asses home around 1 am, and I was a wreck on Friday.

But I sucked it up, ate a giant ass burrito for lunch on Friday, and then met Blondie at Port Authority to take a bus to Atlantic City! We got down there Friday night, and played craps and Pai Gow at several different casinos. We headed to bed pretty early, but got up early the next day and went out and explored the boardwalk. We probably walked a couple of miles that day before we started gambling again. We had a great day, and though we are both down for the trip, it was good getting away with Blondie.

We caught a bus back on Saturday evening, and we were glad we did because we woke up today and it was pouring rain - perfect for sleeping in, and perfect for NOT being on a bus back to the city. We headed down to the gym today and I did a 5K as fast as I could, which ended up being 32:01 (10 sec faster than my PR outside). I wanted to beat my PR (which was achieved about 20 lbs lighter and 6 years ago) this coming weekend in KY, but I don't think it can happen - however, I'm going to do my damndest to beat it.

When we were done running, I noticed the rain had stopped so we headed up to the International Food Fest - 20 blocks of tasty goodness, only 2 blocks from our house. We split some empanadas, BBQ pork sandwiches, grilled octopus, a funnel cake, and some baklava. We also grabbed some great seats at one of the bars, and people watched for awhile drinking beer.

On the way back to our house, we passed our first celebrity! It was Bobby Moynihan from SNL! I was like "whoa! Blondie! Yes!" We've been wanting to see a celebrity since we moved here, and it was like Xmas for us.

So this past week, I did 7 miles outside last Saturday (in a shitty shitty time - 12:26 min miles), 60 minutes on the Precor on Sunday with a ton of weights and abs, Kenpo P90X DVD on Monday, 5 miles on Tuesday, rest day on Wednesday, 3 mile hill intervals and weights on Thurs, and rest days on Friday and Saturday. Today I did my 5K speed work. I'll be getting some running in this week, along with some weight work. Our flight to KY is on Friday, and I'm excited to see my family again, and run the race with the Pooh family.

Hope everyone is doing well, and see some of you all very soon!


Thursday, May 12, 2011


Today is my hottie's birthday - 38 years ago, his mom gave me the best present she possibly could and birthed this guy.

We've been together (fighting, loving, having fun, going through bad times and good) for 11 years now, and I look forward to growing old with the One Who Is Blonde.

Have a great day babe! Chomp!


Saturday, May 07, 2011

Turd Ferguson

So 2 Sundays ago, after our last long run, Blondie and I ended up at the bar for a beer to celebrate end of training. A beer turned into like 5 beers, but we had a blast. It felt so good actually sticking to a goal - one that we've tried to do 2 other times, and had failed at. We people watched our day away, and just enjoyed the ride.

So Mr Pooh arrived last Wed, and him and Blondie hit up the bar early. I started getting texts from them around 11:30 am, and by the time I joined them (5 hours later) they were still at the same spot. We had some beers together before heading over for pizza for dinner, and then to our local bar afterwards. Mr Pooh and Blondie were hurting bad the next day, but I felt good and even went for my final taper run.

So Thursday I had off from work - after the guys felt a little better, we headed up to Times Square and poked around for a bit, before catching the train to the bottom of the island. We took the ferry over to Staten Island so Mr Pooh could see the Statue of Liberty, and the views from the boat. We caught the next immediate boat back, and walked up to Wall Street to tour around. We saw the bull and Trinity Church, before heading down to the stock exchange. We were standing in the middle of the street (it's pedestrian only), when the clouds finally let loose and we got nailed. It started POURING rain. We ran to the train and took it back to West Village for pizza for lunch. Afterwards, a cab back to our hood to chill for a bit until the rain stopped.

That evening, we caught the train to the Bronx to watch the Yankees win a game! They played the White Sox, and due to the rain that had happened all day, the stadium was basically dead. We had the entire row to ourselves, and we were only about 4 rows off the third base line. The tickets were very cheap also (due to the rain) and we had a blast that night. We each ate 3 tons of food, and I had a few beers while the guys abstained due to their party all day on Wednesday.

Friday everyone felt better - I drug Mr Pooh out for breakfast, and then we went and got Blondie to head out for the day. We took the train to Brooklyn (making it all 5 boroughs for Mr Pooh) and then walked the Brooklyn Bridge back over. From there we walked down to Southside Seaport (never ever again) and had lunch and a drink. Afterwards, we caught the train to UES and walked through Central Park to the UWS. We headed back to our hood, stopping for many beers and to pee, before hitting up Southern Hospitality (JT's restaurant) for dinner.

Saturday it was up and at 'em early, as we caught a bus to Allentown for our race. My friend picked us up, and we got our race packets, before heading out to watch her kids play some baseball (coaches pitch baseball? OMG. F.U.N.N.Y.) We took it easy the rest of the day, relaxing at her house and eating a ton of food.

Sunday was D-Day. Time to race. I was nervous, I wanted so bad to have a good run and slaughter my last previous PR for a half. The gun fired, and off we went. We hit mile marker 1, and it hit me that it felt like I had casually strolled a mile instead of run a mile. The first 8.5 miles went very well, but by then, we were in 1 of the parks in Allentown and it had several big hills. I ended up walking up the hills, but pretty much running the rest. I got in at 2:35:57, breaking my old PR by about 19:50 - which is awesome.

On top of that, Mr Pooh also beat his old PR by about 20 mins, coming in at 2:18:xx which is incredible. On top of THAT, Blondie, who blew his knee out around mile 6, still finished the half - he had every excuse in the world to quit, but pushed through and finished in around 2:45. I'm so PROUD of all of us. And I'm SO GLAD it's over! :)

Afterwards, it was back to my friend's house, where we proceeded to drink many beers, and eat a ton of food. Everyone was pretty sore but me - I felt great, no blisters, no pain, no nothing, and I made the mistake of telling everyone about it. Of course, about 4 hours later, I fell down my friends very long, very wooden staircase. My butt is a solid bruise - it looks horrible, and I've been in pain from that all week. Can you say Karma?

We ended up staying in PA until Monday, and caught the early train back then. We took it easy until lunch-time and then headed out for 5 Napkin Burger - which Mr Pooh proclaimed the best burger. Afterwards we headed down to Chelsea Piers to shoot some golf balls before heading back to our bar for one last beer together. We put Mr Pooh in a cab that evening and said goodbye to him, which was sad. We had a great time with him, and even my friend from PA called that night and said that the only way she would run that half again is if Mr Pooh comes back for it.

The rest of the week was typical - it was back to work (BOO!) and getting caught up. I came into work on Tuesday and on my desk my BFF had left a giant bag of gummy bears - it was my congratulations gift, and I ate the entire bag in about 30 mins. Then, the weather was cold and rainy on Wednesday so Blondie met me at the grocery and we got stuff to make up a huge pot of chili. It was so gooooood. I needed some home-cooked food and that totally hit the spot. Last night, Blondie met me for cajun food, and then I insisted on donuts (of course, go me). I need to get back into the eating right mode, so I'll see if I can get that going this week.

Finally, we are off to KY in 2 weeks, where we will be running a 5K with Mr and Mrs Pooh! I'm trying to get Brother R to sign up also, so we can run as a giant crazy family. We'll be the nut jobs scaring all the kids away.

So last week was taper week - I did 4 miles on Tuesday, 2 miles on Thurs, and then the half marathon on Sunday. I took Monday and Tuesday off, did 5 miles on Wed (which hurt b/c of my ass bruise from the stair fall) and 3 miles on hills on Thurs (which still hurt b/c of my ass bruise). Yesterday I decided to do some workout DVDs - so I did 30 Day Shred level 1, and Bob's bootcamp level 1 - about 50 mins total - my whole body is sore today from these. I plan on heading out in about 30-45 mins to do an outdoor run today - I haven't decided how many miles I'll go, but probably around 7.

I'm looking for a new training schedule - I need something to keep me motivated, so stay tuned for that. And it's gearing up to be a gorgeous day here today - I'm excited for the good weather!