Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hanging on the Jersey Shore

Last weekend, I went out for a 7 mile run along the Hudson. It sucked hairy balls. I had one of the worst runs of my life. The ONLY thing that made it better was that I stuck through it. I could not get steps and breaths aligned to save my life.

After my run, I decided I had to have my pedicure - so I went out and got myself some brand new feet. My feet were *tore up* from all the running I've been doing, and it was so awesome to get my toes done. Blondie called as I was finishing up, and I went and met him for some grocery shopping. We stopped on the way home for lunch, and then crashed out the rest of the day.

On Sunday, I headed down to the gym for a long workout - I was down there so long I actually guilt-tripped Blondie into coming down. He told me, and I quote, "I was sitting there, kept thinking you'd be back up soon, and you didn't. So then I felt guilty. And then I had to come down. Thanks a lot".

Last week was a typical week, with the exception of an offsite awards banquet we had to go to for work (the awards banquet was not for me). It took all morning long, and it threw the rest of my week off. On Thursday, I went with some coworkers for lunch, and then left early to meet my Blondie to celebrate his Blondie-day!

For his birthday, I bought Blondie a bunch of fancy pants cupcakes, and then met him at a bar by our house to sit on the patio and enjoy the sun. After the sun started down, we headed to our bar where we met up with friends and downed many many shots. After we were done at the bar, we headed to an "adult establishment" where we know the doorman - we had some tickets left over from Super Bowl Sunday that we needed to use before they expired. Drunk us took our asses home around 1 am, and I was a wreck on Friday.

But I sucked it up, ate a giant ass burrito for lunch on Friday, and then met Blondie at Port Authority to take a bus to Atlantic City! We got down there Friday night, and played craps and Pai Gow at several different casinos. We headed to bed pretty early, but got up early the next day and went out and explored the boardwalk. We probably walked a couple of miles that day before we started gambling again. We had a great day, and though we are both down for the trip, it was good getting away with Blondie.

We caught a bus back on Saturday evening, and we were glad we did because we woke up today and it was pouring rain - perfect for sleeping in, and perfect for NOT being on a bus back to the city. We headed down to the gym today and I did a 5K as fast as I could, which ended up being 32:01 (10 sec faster than my PR outside). I wanted to beat my PR (which was achieved about 20 lbs lighter and 6 years ago) this coming weekend in KY, but I don't think it can happen - however, I'm going to do my damndest to beat it.

When we were done running, I noticed the rain had stopped so we headed up to the International Food Fest - 20 blocks of tasty goodness, only 2 blocks from our house. We split some empanadas, BBQ pork sandwiches, grilled octopus, a funnel cake, and some baklava. We also grabbed some great seats at one of the bars, and people watched for awhile drinking beer.

On the way back to our house, we passed our first celebrity! It was Bobby Moynihan from SNL! I was like "whoa! Blondie! Yes!" We've been wanting to see a celebrity since we moved here, and it was like Xmas for us.

So this past week, I did 7 miles outside last Saturday (in a shitty shitty time - 12:26 min miles), 60 minutes on the Precor on Sunday with a ton of weights and abs, Kenpo P90X DVD on Monday, 5 miles on Tuesday, rest day on Wednesday, 3 mile hill intervals and weights on Thurs, and rest days on Friday and Saturday. Today I did my 5K speed work. I'll be getting some running in this week, along with some weight work. Our flight to KY is on Friday, and I'm excited to see my family again, and run the race with the Pooh family.

Hope everyone is doing well, and see some of you all very soon!


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