Monday, May 30, 2011

I'd like to extend an invitation to the pants party

First summer Friday = super party crew in action.
OMG. My bestie from work came with me and Blondie and we hit up the patio at one of our favoriate drinking spots - Mother Burger. This year, they've introduced The Pink Bulldog. Which is a frozen vodka pink lemonade with a baby Coronoa stuck in top. And that's what we decided was a good plan....

9 hours later...

I was in charge of ordering the pizza, and somehow managed to order 3 tons of food. I couldn't tell you how or why I did it, except that I didn't eat any of it because I decided to go to sleep as soon as the food got to the apartment.

I woke up Saturday morning and immediately knew I was going to have some backfiring issues - and I did. It was about 2 pm before we could leave the house - we went and got all of our grocery shopping done before heading back so I could crash out some more.

Sunday was a major day - Blondie and I headed down to the gym and I went on a 5 mile run on the treadmill (55:35 - a little slower than usual but it was my first 5 mile day in about 3 weeks so I wasn't too upset). Without eating, Blondie and I headed out to the Museum of Sex. It was kind of a disappointment. I know - how can anything about sex be boring? But it was. It was definitely more of a media based concept (i.e. comics, books, movies) and less of a object based concept (i.e. dildos throughout the ages, chastity belts, handcuffs).

After our tour, we headed down to the bar in the Museum and had a drink each. Then we headed over to Madison Square Park to see a sculpture I had read about. A famous artist (yes, I don't know his name even though I read all the literature associated with the sculpture) has done a 43 foot tall sculpture of a head, and it's now residing in the middle of Madison Square Park.

We decided to hang out and people watch after, and had a blast making fun of everyone. Then it was more walking, done to Union Square Park. In the park, they had Taiwan Fest, so we hung out there for awhile - we watched some awesome martial arts guys do moves, and then headed further into the park to see it.

From there, it was a hike over to NYU campus (via Washington Square Park - 3 parks in 1 day - wowzer!) and a stop in for a beer, and finally to get me some food. We split a burger and wings, and met an awesome couple on vacation from California! Several hours later we headed out, and by then I was ravenous - the food that we had at the bar just jump started my appetite and it was the only thing I had eaten that day.

So we decided on Colicchio & Sons!!!! We got reservations at the Tap Room part of the restaurant, had some beers, and then split the BEST BURGER ever. Blondie was like "holy shit, this is literally the best burger I've ever eaten in my life". We also split a flatiron steak which was also really good. We had a blast, just giggling away and having some beers.

We headed into Chelsea Market afterwards and got some gelato, and then finally headed home for the day.

Today I started my Insanity program - I did the fit test, which is day 1. And I about puked a lung out. Afterwards, I took a 10 minute break, and then did 30 Day Shred, level 1. I'm now watching Blondie do the fit test for Insanity.

No plans for the day. Just so happy to not be at work on a Monday!


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