Sunday, June 05, 2011


I started Insanity this week, and have sweated harder than I have in years. I consider myself in pretty good shape - I can run 5 miles at a time, I lift weights regularly, I eat healthy about 70% of the time. I didn't think Insanity could be that hard. I was sorely mistaken.

The program is a 9 week program - and I completed week 1 yesterday. It's been insane - maybe that's why they call it Insanity. Even on the "Cardio Recovery" disc day, I sweated so hard it was running down my legs and arms. And that's the RECOVERY disc!!! I'm really pleased we bought the program, and will keep you updated on how I do with it.

So other than Insanity, this past week was nothing special. Nothing much happened at work or outside of work. Blondie and I did hit up our bar one evening for dinner, but kept it low-key and only had 2 drinks each. And we did decide to party again on Friday - I felt fine then yesterday but Blondie was hurting.

I also got myself a pedicure yesterday - this time it's a white-ish color which I like a lot, but I think you really need a tan to carry it off. And I'm Pasty-White McPastyPants in color. Today I'm waiting for groceries to be delivered and then I'm off to go on a run (Insanity is a rest day). I can't decide if I'll do 5 miles or just stick with 3.

I know this is a boring post, but my life was boring this past week. Blondie leaves for the Land of Cheese on Tuesday to hang with his family for a week. I'm gearing up for a week of eating mexican for dinner every night and watching crappy TV shows - it's going to be fabulous!


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