Sunday, June 26, 2011


A few random things first -
1) Insanity is making me hungrier than I've been in my life. I don't know if it's because I'm burning more calories than I realize, or if it's because the hardest I've ever worked out, but I'm ravenous all day, every day. The other day I had a bowl of cereal, a mango, a huge sandwich, a peach, a nectarine, a small bagel with almond butter, and a piece of steak with black bean and corn salad, and I still went to bed ravenous. It's crazy. I'm scared to step on the scale right now, because all I do is eat.

2) Insanity is also making me more aware of my posture than I've ever been also. I'm a slump shouldered person, and I know that. I also know that if I stand up straight, I look about 5 lbs thinner. But I don't stand up straight. However, after Insanity, I'm so conscious of constantly squeezing my abs, that it automatically brings my spine upright. It's pretty cool.

3) Insanity is NOT making me give up the booze. If anything, everytime I think about what Insanity disc I have to do the next day, I immediately want a beer to wash out my brain.

So I had a crappy week - shocker, no? It was release week for us, and it was scheduled to be my first huge project go-live since I started this role - last year I launched a bunch of stuff, but it was also in conjunction with others. My first big project last year got cancelled (nothing we could've done differently) and then I got put onto the program I'm on now - and we were supposed to go out this week for the first piece. We launched all right, and then rolled right back. Luckily, again, not my program that screwed it up. But I still feel beaten down right now. I feel worthless at this role, and it SUCKS.

For more suck-age, I also got assigned to the dual role - so now in addition to feeling like shit about how I do my current role, I have to learn a brand new role that I can suck at also. It was a great week for the 5 million pity parties I threw myself.

Wednesday I was in such a head state, that my friends from work took me out and threw some scotch down my throat - it helped some, but as soon as it wore off, I was right back to where I was.

Thursday I tried to pump myself up some, and I went out with a group of women that I adore but don't hang out with outside of work - they had stopped by last minute to see if I wanted to do margaritas, and I'm glad I went. I had a blast, and we've even set up a double date in the next couple of weeks so the hubsters can meet.

And then on Friday - oh.em.gee. So my projects didn't go live this week (they were specific to my old division) but the division I currently work for had projects go live this week (not my projects - they aren't slated until next launch - see how this works?) So my BFFs from work and I decided to have a minor party after our work let out for the day. Scotch and champagne? Winning combination! Then I headed home to where the Blonde One was waiting with beers on our patio. A few beers in, and we decided hitting up our bar was the best plan ever. There we proceeded to pour 5 million beers down our throat, before heading off with our friend from the bar (at MIDNIGHT) for fajitas and margaritas.

Yesterday was HORRID. I didn't get sick, but I felt nauseous all day long. Finally we ordered food at 3 pm, and then at like 7:30 pm last night, I mustered up the energy to work out. The workout helped in finally getting rid of my headache, and then we crashed out watching Empire Strikes Back. We're in the middle (end) of a Star Wars watching fest - and have now got 5 of the 6 under our belts, so today will be Return of the Jedi at some point.

I've got to get down and go for a run at some point today. I'm debating whether to go outside, but might just stick to the treadmill. And true to form, I'm starving. So maybe after my run, I'll convince Blondie to make me bacon and eggs.

This week was week 4 of Insanity. I'm now supposed to be going into a low-key week before starting up month 2. I'm thinking though about doing month 1 again as I could definitely use some more time before doing even harder program for month 2.

Looking forward to a short week this week and next. YAY for holiday pay!


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