Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Ideal Day

Blondie took off on Tuesday, and is now in the Land of Cheese. It sounds like he is having a blast hanging with his family, but I am glad I chose to stay in NYC this week. They did a huge camping trip, and camping is so far from my favorite thing to do. I know Blondie had a much better time than he would've if I had tagged along as he didn't have to worry if I was having a good time.

Basically this week, I worked my ass off. I stayed late every night and got a lot of stuff caught up on. It was boring, but it was needed. I was also offered another role at my company, this doing a joint role - a cross between my current role and PM. I now have to make a decision on this role by beginning of August (preferably sooner so they can get someone else if needed). So I have 3 roles on my plate - do nothing and keep my current role, switch to the role that was offered me about a month ago (I was told they'd save me this job for as long as it took me to make up my mind), and then the dual role. I'll probably end up doing the dual role but just wish I was more excited about it. I also had a long discussion with my boss about how my resume is going to look when I finally leave my company - this switch would be my 4th switch.

Friday I did my grocery shopping - and I tell you what - I missed Blondie. I had to haul all the bags back 2 avenues to my apartment - and I had a sore neck for the rest of the night from the bag that hung off my shoulder.

Then it was Saturday - and I had literally one of the best days I've had in a long time. It was a dreary rainy day, so I slept in more than I normally do. Then I did a workout, before crashing in front of the TV watching old episodes of "My So-Called Life" on Netflix - this was my favorite TV show when it was on the air, and watching it again has been amazing. About 1:15 pm, I left my apartment and headed up to Times Square to see "Priscilla Queen of the Desert"!!!! Blondie would've hated it (musicals and all), but I was in drag-queen heaven. It was like a GIANT party, the whole audience was laughing and cheering. I had also gotten a great seat at a cheap price since I was by myself (they had the 1-seat left in the middle of the row which is hard to get rid of).

After the play, I practically floated home - singing the songs in my head, doing the dance moves in my head, and generally being a non-drag drag-queen. I'm so ridiculous. I just think that if you are in a play on Broadway, even if you have a day where you hate your job (i.e. Saturday afternoon matinees and all you want to do is chill on your couch), standing on stage, hearing the orchestra start playing, hearing the audience settle - it's got to be an AMAZING feeling.

Mr and Mrs Pooh - get TCKITW into singing, dancing, acting now - I need to live my life vicariously through her. :)

I stopped on the way home, got a bag of gummy bears for an "appetizer", and then made a huge pot of chili while eating the gummy bears. It was almost 100 degrees on Thursday, but high 60's and rainy yesterday - total chili day.

Today was not nearly as great as yesterday. I headed down to the gym to run, and had to wait a bit because all treadmills were taken - I did some weights and Precor, and then I finally headed to a treadmill. Just as I got on, my stomach started rolling - and I knew something was wrong. I did 1.5 miles and kept thinking, "I need to get sick". I headed back to my apartment, took a shower, chugged a water, and laid in a miserable ball for a bit. About 3 hours ago, stuff finally started moving - I didn't throw up, but it did come out the other end. I still feel like shit, but I think whatever it was is out of my system.

I'm now ravenous, but am scared to eat the leftover chili as I wonder if that's what caused all the problems today. I'm going to wait another 1-2 hours, and then figure out what I'm going to eat. Right now though, I'm watching more eps of "My So-Called Life" with a cat trying to ignore my aching stomach.

This was week 2 of Insanity, and it's been off-the-hook crazy. I'm so out of breath and sweaty every single day - it's been worth every cent I spent on the discs. I can't recommend this program enough. Today I lifted weights for the first time in 2 weeks, and I've gained so much strength it's ridiculous - I felt like I was lifting 3 lb weights instead of what I was lifting - it's the Insanity program. I put on my jeans yesterday and they were so loose through the waist - I about died. Insanity - SO WORTH IT.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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